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The booster guy's attitude was amazing he was really friendly. We won 5 out of 5 games.


I have used the Valorant rank boosting service twice now, and both orders were completed very quickly. Great company and staff!


First time using a boosting service, these guys are literally incredible.A lot cheaper than competitors so for me it's a no brainer!


Insanely helpful in helping me rank up while also being responsive and helping with questions I had. Never experienced such quality service.


After purchasing a rank boost, which was surprisingly cheap, i waited about 10 minutes for my booster


amazing service, super friendly and support alwayes helped me with any problem i had, loved playing with my duo 10/10.


Wonderful experience, definitely recommend will definitely be buying again and I love the loyalty member program

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Map rank boost

One of our leading Counter-Strike boosting services is
rank-boosting in matchmaking, also known as MM Boosting.

Premier rank boost

Climb the premier ladder in Counter Strike with confidence. Be the first one in your friends ladder and among the best ones in the world rankings.

Faceit boost

Faceit boosting is a fast and reliable way to get your desired Faceit ELO with the help of a professional Counter-Strike player.

What makes
Eloking CS boosters stand out?

  1. Best Counter-Strike boosters in the market.
  2. Zero-toxicity policy.
  3. Highly discreet boosters.
  4. Properly vetted and tested boosters only!
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Don't worry. We have an elite team of boosters with proven track record.

Boosters from other sites often fall in the shadows when playing with or against our Counter-Strike boosters. Our top boosters have more than 4k ELO on Faceit. That's more than s1mple has!

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Letter from former Counter-Strike booster

Letter from Eloking Management Team.

After talking with numerous CS2, CS:GO, Valorant, LoL, and Dota 2 boosters with more than five years of experience in the market, we quickly realized that there are significant issues in the industry. Lousy customer service and unjustified booster treatment were the norms in the market.

Also, when trying out other boosting platforms, we saw that the business's core values weren't correct. Each platform had its own set of problems, and almost none of them cared to even think about resolving them. There were only a few boosting platforms that cared about boosters and customers. Still, even with identifying the issues, the management was inexperienced and greedy, providing just good enough services at a very high price point.

After spending almost a year trying to get a good service, researching the market, and talking with boosters, we decided to do something about it. We spent six months working around the clock to build the industry-leading Counter-Strike, Valorant, LoL & Dota 2 boosting website We provide our boosters with the best experience in the market (above the market earnings share, timely payouts, etc.) and treat customers as they are already treated in other industries - godly. 🔥 is built by gamers for gamers that expect certain qualities like a carefully vetted booster team, exceptional customer service, and an end-to-end satisfaction guarantee. Try out our Counter-Strike boosters, and we are sure you will never look for another boosting provider. We are so confident that is the best-boosting website right now - that we will refund your money if you are not 110% satisfied with the services provided to you.

Eloking Management Team

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