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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the boosting industry!

Is boosting safe?

Yes. While boosting is against the rules to do boosting as a business, none of our customers have received a ban for that. Only boosters' accounts are at risk, but even they haven't received a ban for that. It is pretty much the same as if you would play with or share your account with a friend.

How soon after placing the order we can play?

It can depend on the time of order, but typically our boosters start communicating with our customers within 10 minutes. If you want to start immediately, feel free to message in our live chat to check approximate starting times. Most likely, we will be able to find a booster ready to play at your desired time because we have a large number of boosters working with us.

How can I contact the business owners?

Simply contact our live chat agents through the website widget on the right hand side.

What happens if the booster loses a game?

It depends on the order details. If it is a level boost, the booster will play as long as the goal is achieved. If you order a win boost then losing a game means the booster will play extra games. Each loss will be compensated with two wins to offset the loss. For example, if you ordered three wins and on the 3rd game the booster lost the game, the booster will play two more games - 1 to offset the loss and another one to fulfill the order.

What is the refund policy for boosting?

We are the most flexible company for refunds. Order not yet started? We offer refunds without any reason. Changed your mind and don't want to finalize the boost? No problem, we can stop the boost mid-way and offer you a reasonable refund.

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