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Counter-Strike 2 rank boosting!

Smash placements and get the rank you desire in CS2. Also available boosting for premier and map ranks!

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Calculate the price of your boost!

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    We guarantee a 100% secure & satisfying customer experience. If you are not happy with Eloking services we will refund your money - no questions asked. 💪
    icon 100% satisfaction guarantee
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    Pro FPL players from North America are available to start your order right now. 🔥
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Placement matches are unavailable for Faceit.

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first purchase!

We know boosting can be intimidating at first, so we offer you a 15% discount if you purchase in the next seconds 🙌️
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We guarantee a 100% secure & satisfying customer experience. If you are not happy with Eloking services we will refund your money - no questions asked. 💪
icon 100% satisfaction guarantee
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The booster was professional and got me to my desired rank quickly. Excellent service!


Fast and reliable service. My rank increased significantly in no time. Will use again!


Amazing experience with the boosters, very professional and affordable. Highly recommended!


Boosting service was top-notch, quick response times and great results. Very satisfied!


Affordable and effective boosting. The booster was friendly and efficient. Great job!


Fantastic service with quick turnaround. The booster was very helpful and skilled. Will recommend!


Great boosting service, quick and reliable. The loyalty program is a nice touch. Highly recommend!



Thousands of players across the world already use the Eloking boosting service.



Among our boosters and coaches, we have the top players globally, including even current professional players.

Friendly! 🎉

Friendly! 🎉

Zero tolerance for toxicity and incredibly high standards are just some of the many reasons to choose us among the competition.

What is the
rank-boosting process?

  1. Choose Counter-Strike rank boost details.
  2. Place your order.
  3. Chat with Global Elite booster.
  4. The pro player helps you reach your desired goal!
Order Matchmaking Boost Now

Raise your rank
to Global Elite

Are you going through an abysmal losing streak, being tired of cheaters while your teammates not making the cut? If you've had any of these thoughts for a competitive online game, then you're spending your time for nothing. However, what makes a competitive game truly special is the joy you get from progression, and that's where the help of our boosting services comes in.

Get Global Elite Rank
CS:GO rank CS:GO rank CS:GO rank

Eloking boosters are Global Elite players, often with additional experience in the professional scene.

Need to rank up from Silver to Supreme or Global Elite? Easy, even with the lobby feature, our boosters can do that.

Try Counter-Strike 2 Rank Boosting Service
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About CS Rank Boosting

About Eloking
CS rank boosting!

Our matchmaking rank boosting is nothing like boosting from other sites. When you buy rank boosting from us, you will feel much different. Boosters at Eloking are top-notch professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players that are vetted for personality to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. The whole process is streamlined and straightforward to follow, account credentials can be exchanged securely, and we usually start boosting service in minutes from receiving the order.

With a pristine reputation, buying rank boost by Eloking is the obvious choice. Select your current matchmaking rank, the desired one, and any extras you like and instantly see the cost of the service. Then, it takes just a few clicks to place the order and get contacted by the professional Counter-Strike booster that has extensive experience in the game and can carry you to reach your desired rank.

The high profiles of our boosters come with another benefit - all CS:GO and CS2 boosting orders are completed incredibly fast since the win rates are astonishing. No bots or cheats are used, just thousands of hours of experience playing the game professionally.

Calculate Boost Price

CS:GO ELO hell

Also available for
CS2 Season One!

The counter-strike boosting service at Eloking is now available for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Season One! Raise your premier rank points, get map specific ranks and much more.

Order CS2 Boost

Frequently asked questions about Eloking.

Is Counter-Strike Rank Boosting safe?

Yes. It is the same as you would being friends with a much better player than you, and he played either from your account or with you. Firstly, no one will ever know that you ordered the boosting service. Secondly, if you do not choose the lobby/DUO queue option to play with the booster, we have the highest data transfer security in the industry.

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How much does CS2 boosting cost?

The price can be as low as 1.49 EUR, but it depends on the current and desired rank and takes into consideration the optional add-ons you want to add. To calculate the boosting cost, just use the calculator above for a precise estimate.

Calculate CS2 Boost Price
How soon after placing the order we can play?

It can depend on the time of the order, but typically our boosters start communicating with our customers within 10 minutes. If you want to start immediately, feel free to drop us a message in our live chat to check approximate starting times. Most likely, we will be able to find a booster ready to play at your desired time because we have a large number of boosters working with us.

Start Rank Boosting
What happens if the booster loses a game?

It depends on the order details. If it is a level boost, the booster will play as long as the goal is achieved. If you order a win boost, losing a game means the booster will play additional games. Each loss will be compensated with 2 wins to offset the loss. For example, if you ordered 3 wins and on the 3rd game the booster lost the game, the booster will play 2 more games - 1 to offset the loss and another one to fulfill the order.

Order Rank Boost
What is the refund policy for rank boosting?

We are the most flexible company for refunds. Order not yet started? We offer refunds without any reason. Changed your mind and don't want to finalize the boost? No problem, we can stop the boost mid-way and offer you a reasonable refund.

Try Matchmaking Boost
How can I pay for CS2 Division Boost?

Using Stripe payment processor allows us to support all major credit & debit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & others. In addition, we also support Apple & Google Pay.

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What is the fastest way to rank up in CSGO?

Eloking offers a reliable solution for rapidly ascending the ranks in Counter-Strike. Our Counter-Strike boosting services cater to players aiming for the highest echelons of competitive play. The time it takes to attain the Global Elite rank can vary, but with our CS2 and CS:GO boosting expertise, you can anticipate significant progress within a matter of days. Our boosters employ proven strategies to accelerate your rank progression while maintaining the integrity of the game.

Read our Counter-Strike boosting news.

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