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Is CS:GO Rank Boosting Safe in 2022


It’s a well-known fact that Valve is extremely strict when it comes to its policy and stance on cheating. If their anti-cheat system detects any suspicious behavior from your account, there’s a high chance it will be struck with some sort of penalty, which could be as strict as a permanent ban.

Now you might be wondering if boosting is so risky, why do thousands of players do it? This is because boosting sites always prioritize customer satisfaction and make the process of boosting as safe as possible.

Can you get banned for rank boosting in CS:GO.

In theory, yes, you can get banned for rank boosting in CS:GO. However, it’s HIGHLY unlikely if you’re smart about it. Eloking takes multiple steps to ensure the risk of their clients’ accounts getting banned is minimized as much as possible. These steps include using a VPN to reduce suspicion when completing a solo order and keeping up with Valve’s ever-changing methods of detecting terms of service violations.

Additionally, it’s much more difficult for Valve to detect that you’re rank boosting if, instead of giving your account credentials to boosters or boosting sites, you opt to play WITH the booster by selecting the ‘Play with booster’ option. This will make it so that the booster will carry your account to further ranks by joining your team when queueing, highly reducing the risk of your account being banned.

While CS:GO has a feature that restricts low-ranked accounts from playing with teammates of a much higher rank, our players have multiple alternate accounts of varying ranks, making sure that this doesn’t prove to be a problem at all.

Finally, one more reason to make sure the boosting site you’re using is trusted is that certain boosters might use bots, cheats, or other exploits to quickly climb the ranks instead of using legitimate methods. If this happens, the chance of your account getting banned increases tenfold. You have to ensure that the site has a huge number of active users and that its methods are safe, reliable, and cheat-free, for example,

Is the booster’s skill guaranteed?

Another worry for CS:GO players looking to boost their account rank is what if the booster isn’t even that good? What if their order isn’t able to be completed? Yes, there’s no guarantee if you buy the services of just any run-of-the-mill booster. However, boosting sites take the skill level of their boosters very seriously to ensure their customers have the best experience possible. After all, the boosters are the ones who make the site function properly.

Let’s take Eloking, for example. Not only does our roster of boosters have top ELO players, we even have some current professional-level players. Of course, all of them are at Global Elite as well. The skill of our players guarantees that every order is completed successfully and as quickly as possible. To know more about the differences in ranks, check out our CS:GO ranking guide

What’s more is that if, for any reason, the booster is unable to complete the order, we provide our customers with a FULL refund. The order hasn’t started, but you changed your mind and want your money back? Full refund.

The order started, but for whatever reason, you don’t want to finalize the boost. You can stop the order midway and get a reasonable refund. This refund policy of ours is the most flexible one you’ll find anywhere. In addition, we also allow you to chat with the booster and check up on their progress at any time.

Our flexibility doesn't only apply to matchmaking orders but also to Faceit & ESEA orders. In the unlikely case that you get an ELO rollback, which is when some of the ELO Eloking helped you gain are lost, the Eloking team will help you get that ELO back.

As for payment methods, most sites offer a wide variety of methods that the customer can choose from depending on what they’re most comfortable with or which one they trust the most. You can find out more about the payment methods Eloking offers to ensure a hassle-free payment experience.

Is it safe to give your account information to boosters?

If you want a booster to bump your account’s rank up using your account, then it’s a given you’ll have to send your account login information first. Of course, there’s always the fear of the booster running off with your account by changing the password or purposefully getting it banned to mess with you.

As mentioned before, if you attempt to buy the services of any run-of-the-mill booster, then there’s absolutely no security. However, verified leading boosting sites, such as Eloking, that have thousands of consumers, treat your account information with the utmost care and start completing your order as quickly as possible. Eloking specifically is famous for getting started on orders in under thirty minutes!

Furthermore, if you still don’t feel comfortable, then you can play with the booster on your team instead of giving your account information by selecting the ‘Play with booster’ (DUO boost) option. You will have to agree to a specific time when you can both come online and play multiple matches, though. There’s also the wingman mode option that is pretty much identical to this, except for the matches being 2 vs. 2.

What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new about CS:GO - it’s time you start playing and get better at the game. We can help! Purchase Eloking CS:GO Boost right now and start playing at the rank you deserve!

Alternatively, you can Join our Discord Server & participate in various giveaways!

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