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Booster: What is a booster and how to become one?


There are many players of games like CS:GO and Valorant that are interested in boosting their accounts, but on the other end of the spectrum, there are the players who feel like they have the skill needed to become boosters themselves.

What boosters do is, well, boost. Wins, games, rank, division, a booster boosts anything that is required from the person who hires them for any specific game. Now, this could either be done by playing matches using the purchaser's account or, if the ‘play with booster’ option that Eloking provides is selected, by playing alongside the customer.

How can one become a booster?

As mentioned before, the most important thing to become a booster is to be highly skilled at the game you’re applying for. After all, the most popular boosting type is by rank or division, and someone who isn’t skilled enough in the game would have difficulty getting to a higher rank.

Eloking first ensures that anyone applying for the boosting position is of the highest possible position depending on the game. Grandmaster for LoL, Radiant for Valorant, Immortal for Dota 2, and 2500+ ELO for CS:GO. Full requirements list is available in the boosting jobs page.

Secondly, boosters need to be able to play at all ranks. For example, if a booster is tasked with taking a bronze LoL account to diamond, playing at grandmaster level in lower ranks might give away that the account is in fact being boosted.

Finally, all of our boosters should be able to speak in English and should never resort to cussing or other toxic behavior. One of our highest priorities is making the boosting process as safe and toxicity free as possible for customers.

If you feel like you qualify to become a booster for Eloking, go to now, hover over ‘company’, and press ‘jobs’. Finally, scroll down and click on ‘apply for a job in Eloking’ to be given the form you have to fill out to begin your boosting journey with us.

Why do people hire boosters in competitive games?

In competitive games like League of Legends, some people hire boosters to help them improve their rank or reach a higher skill level. Boosters are players who are paid to play on another player's account and help them improve their rank or skill level. This can be beneficial for players who are looking to improve their skills or reach a higher rank, but don't have the time or ability to do so on their own.

Hiring a booster can also be a way for players to bypass the tedious and time-consuming process of climbing the ranks. In many competitive games, players have to play a large number of games and win a high percentage of them in order to move up the ranks. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, and some players may not have the skill or dedication to do it on their own. By hiring a booster, players can skip this process and move up the ranks more quickly.

Overall, people hire boosters in competitive games for a variety of reasons, including to improve their skills, reach a higher rank, or bypass the time-consuming process of climbing the ranks.

Can you earn a living by being a booster?

It is possible to earn a living by being a booster in competitive games like League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, and others. Boosters are paid to play on another player's account or together with them and help them improve their rank. Depending on their skill level and the services they offer, boosters can charge a significant amount of money for their services. Some boosters may be able to earn a steady income by offering their services to multiple clients, while others may only boost occasionally as a side income.

However, it is important to note that boosting is not without risks. Many competitive games have strict rules against boosting, and players who are caught boosting can face penalties such as being banned from the game. Additionally, the income of a booster can be unpredictable and may not be stable over time. As a result, it's important for boosters to be aware of the risks and be prepared for the potential consequences of boosting.

If you're interested to learn how much do ELO boosters make in League of Legends, check out our blog post on ELO booster earnings.

What’s next?

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