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Toxicity: What does toxicity mean in boosting and online games?

In an ideal world, every gamer would be respectful and a good sportsman. Unfortunately, the world we live in is not the ideal one. Many individuals resort to toxic behavior when it comes to video games.

Toxic behavior can range from unnecessarily cussing at another player to threats of physical violence. Some take it a step further and dox the private information of another player, all for another video game.

Even when hiring a booster to boost accounts of games such as Valorant or CS:GO, many boosters, especially those with no backing from a reputable website, might resort to cussing or being purposefully racist, misogynistic, or an all-around unpleasant person.

Because of everything players in the boosting community have to endure, Eloking’s highest priority is customer safety in a toxicity-free environment. As a result, our players never cuss, they never discriminate, and most of all, they never blame players for anything because our boosters know they’re trying their best.

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