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Boosting: What is elo or rank boosting?

Boosting essentially means paying and hiring a high-level player to play games with or for you, usually to get your account to a better rank. There are multiple types of boosting, and the most common ones are:

Of course, there are more types of boosting depending on what game it is that you want a boost for. The best way to know all boosting types for any game is to go to, select what game you want to purchase the boost for, and then click on boost types.

Is boosting legal?

Unless you live in Korea, boosting is perfectly legal in all countries, although some have certain restrictions. As for terms of services for games, no game officially allows giving your account to someone else to get to a higher rank.

Fortunately, as long as you buy the boost from a reliable site, the boosting process should go smoothly. Those still worried for their account’s safety, however, can choose the ‘play with booster’ option that Eloking provides, as that would make it appear like you simply have a friend who just so happens to be extremely talented in the game. A simple coincidence.

Can you get banned for boosting?

Yes but that is very unlikely if you are using a trusted boosting company. For example, in League of Legends bans are short for first time offenders and from the game perspective it is very hard to distinguish who is being boosted and who is playing with a friend. You can read more on can you get banned for boosting in League of Legends in our blog post.  In case you are interested in other games, we also have posts covering topics like can you get banned for boosting in CS:GO and is boosting safe in Dota 2.

How old is boosting in competitive games?

The practice of boosting, or hiring another player to play on your account to improve your rank or skill level, has been around for as long as there have been competitive games. Boosting has existed in games like League of Legends since the game was first released in 2009. However, the exact origins of boosting are difficult to pinpoint, as the practice likely predates the release of any particular game. In general, boosting has been a part of the competitive gaming scene for many years, and is likely to continue to be a part of the scene in the future.

Is boosting happening only in competitive games?

Boosting, or hiring another player to play on your account to improve your rank or skill level, is not limited to just competitive games. Boosting can occur in any game where there is a ranking or skill level system, and players are motivated to improve their rank or skill level. However, boosting is most commonly associated with competitive games, such as multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) and first-person shooters. This is because these types of games typically have a high level of competition and a strong emphasis on ranking and skill level.

Boosting can also occur in non-competitive games, such as single-player games or games with a more casual focus. In these cases, players may hire boosters to help them progress through the game more quickly, or to unlock certain achievements or items that they may not be able to obtain on their own. However, boosting is less common in these types of games, as there is typically less of a focus on ranking and skill level.

Is boosting the same as playing with a professional friend?

While both boosting and playing with a professional friend can help a player improve their skills, there are some key differences between the two. Boosting is a paid service, while playing with a professional friend is simply a way for friends to play a game together. Additionally, boosting can be risky, as many competitive games have strict rules against boosting and players who are caught boosting can face penalties such as being banned from the game. In contrast, playing with a professional friend is not against the rules in most games and does not carry the same risks.

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