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How Much Do ELO Boosters Make For Boosting in League Of Legends?

How Much Do ELO Boosters Make For Boosting in League Of Legends?

Being consistently placed in high ranks and knowing the ins and outs of how to win a League of Legends match, you have decided to turn to ELO boosting so you can make some money on the side. However, there’s just one problem. You don’t know how much ELO boosters make.

There are multiple factors that determine how much an ELO booster makes when boosting for League of Legends. The most important are their skill level, their marketing, and how many people actually employ their services. While some have been making as much as over $3000 a month for ELO boosting other players, others haven’t been so lucky.

Of course, there are many things you need to know before you even attempt to become an ELO booster, and even more things before you actually get the cash rolling in. So let us begin.

What Exactly is ELO Boosting?

Of course, before anything, we must establish what ELO boosting even is. Fortunately, get this. We’ve already written a complete guide that tells you all you need to know about it. In addition to why people even ELO boost, they also go in detail on the most common type of boosting, which is duo queue boosting.

Factors Determining How Much An ELO Booster Makes

We know you want to know how much an ELO Booster makes for boosting. However, it isn’t that simple. Not just anyone can call themselves a booster and instantly earn thousands of dollars, as many components determine how much an ELO booster will make in the span of their boosting career.

Skill Level

Of course, the entire reason anyone would employ an ELO booster is because of the booster being of a higher skill level than themselves. What a booster’s skill level needs to be is determined by the types of packages they provide. To better understand, here’s a table showing all available rankings in League of Legends, as well as an estimation of how many players make up that rank


Note: statistics are ever-changing, and the figures are an estimate,

For example, if you want to be a booster with a package that boosts a bronze account to platinum, you’d have to at least be of diamond level skill yourself. Otherwise, you might not be able to consistently win enough to reach the desired rank in the designated time period

Marketing and Reputation

Up next is another factor that’s key if you want to make a reasonable earning while ELO boosting, and that is the image building you do. Let it be said that ELO boosting, specifically, League of Legends ELO boosting, is far from a niche job. There are many, MANY boosters out there, even some that are already well established and respected in the boosting scene.

In addition to standing out from the herd of boosters, you also need to give customers a reason to employ you. Your rank, how long you’ve been playing, how much are you offering your services for, how long will you take to get an account to a specific rank, did your previous customers leave satisfied

Of course, if you aren’t able to do these things, then there’s always the option of joining a boosting company so they could do all of this for you. Yes, your pay will essentially be cut in half, but you’ll be able to focus on what you excel at, playing the game.


Okay, so we’ll be real here. ELO boosting is not an easy endeavour. You need to invest a lot of time in marketing and polishing your skills when doing the actual boosting. It’s unrealistic to expect to win each and every match because of the team-based and unpredictable nature of the game, and even one loss can set you back hours at times.

Therefore, only tackle this task if you have the time to spare if you want any actual output from it. Of course, the more time and effort you invest, the more monetary gain you can expect, and vice versa.

Estimated Pay For Boosting