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Will you keep your rank and skins in Valorant on consoles?

Will you keep your rank and skins in Valorant on consoles?

Valorant is confirmed to be coming to consoles, and while it’s cool that new players will get the chance to experience the excellent FPS game by Riot Games, current players have some questions. One of the most important questions is what really carries over from the PC version to the console version.

Today, we’re here to clear up any confusion players may have about what they’ll get to keep when they play their Valorant account on consoles. This includes whether players will keep the skins they bought or earned, as well as how the ranking system will work. After all, we can’t have the rank pool for PCs and consoles be the same, right?

So, without further ado, here’s everything that transfers between the PC and console Valorant versions. If you want to bump your rank up before the game comes to console we recommend you hire a professional booster from Eloking to give you the nudge you need. You can also use the code “BoostToday” for a cool 20% discount.

Will players keep their PC ranks on the console versions of Valorant?

E-sports characters lined up for selection on a gaming interface

No, the competitive rank obtained on the PC version of Valorant will not transfer over the console port due to the lack of crossplay between both platforms. The game is known for its precise gunplay and competitiveness, and the difference between keyboard and mouse aiming and controllers is too much, so Riot Games had no choice but to have separate ranks.

Even though some PC players might be disappointed over this decision, others believe that this might be a fresh start for them so they can climb the ranks from the start. In this way, new console players and returning PC players have a level playing field. 

As for how the ranking system will work on the console ports, it will probably be like the PC version, where players must win games to earn MMR and avoid losing so they don’t lose it, and Iron may be the lowest rank in the title while Radiant is the highest.

Will the PC players of Valorant have their items and skins on the console port?

Anime character in futuristic armor with neon green effects on red background

Yes, existing Valorant skins and other cosmetic items, such as charms and sprays, will carry over to the console versions. These cosmetics will carry over thanks to the fact that Valorant will have cross-progression between different platforms. Remember, cross-progression will only work on accounts linked to a specific Riot account, so those who want their cosmetics must link the correct Riot ID to their PSN or Xbox account.

Cross-progression has various benefits, like how all investments made on an account will stay with the player throughout different platforms, so it feels like the time and money spent on the PC version won’t be wasted. This strategy also allows players to have a consistent collection among platforms to carry over their favorite weapon skins and knives, no matter the system.

Another reason Valorant has allowed cross-progression for items is so new players have more incentive to spend money on the game. Old players with good skins could inspire and motivate newer console players to purchase those items and obtain them without relying on drops.

Everything that carries over from Valorant PC to consoles

Here’s a list of everything that will carry over from PC to console:

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How to link your Riot Games with a PSN or Xbox account?

Video game characters engaged in a shootout in an industrial setting

Players can link their Riot Games account to a PSN or Xbox account by opening  Over there, they must sign into their Riot Games ID. Once logged in, click the “Connect Accounts” tab on the left side of the screen. Clicking on that tab should reveal a small list of platforms players can connect to. Over there, the user must choose what social media platform they want to connect to and then follow the steps provided

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