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How to Find a Valorant Teammate


Valorant is a team-based game, and without a proper team with members having each other’s backs, it’s difficult to win any match. Nothing’s more infuriating than losing a match you know you could have won had you been paired with better teammates.

However, we don’t always get the type of players we want. Sometimes they don’t back you up; other times, they die when rushing the enemy and, for some reason or the other, blame you for it.

To make it so players don’t have to go through this any longer, we’ve come out with a teammate system where you’re able to hire one of our highly skilled players to join you as the teammate you’ve always wanted.

What is the teammate system?

When finalizing your boosting order from our Eloking website and selecting the game type as ‘by games’, you get the option of having the teammate play with you. In our case, it’s called ‘Play with booster’, and it’s selected by default when you change the boost type to ‘by games.’ When an order with this selected is confirmed, within 30 minutes, one of our players will contact you so the two of you can agree on a time to play.

When that time comes, the player, or should we call them your new teammate, queues up with you, and voila! You have yourself a professional teammate on your team who will ease the load off of you, so you don’t have to carry the team alone anymore.

As for how long your buddy will play with you, that really depends on your order. Since you would have purchased a specific number of games, your teammate will bid you farewell when that number is completed. 

Of course, this method doesn’t guarantee wins, but we can guarantee a hell of a good time! We also try our best to maintain a 70% win rate.

What extra services can you include?

There are quite a few extra services you can select when finalizing your order. For starters, you can specify what agent or role you want your teammate to play, which is handy for when you’re looking for good support or a good fragger for your team.

Up next is making your order a priority one, where it’s completed around twice as fast when compared to normal orders. Finally, you can choose to have our player play one more game after you reach your desired rank so that you don’t end up deranking straight away.

What language will your teammates use?

As for what language your teammate will use, all of our players use English as their default language. However, because our players are from all over the world, there’s the possibility that one of them might know your preferred language. Therefore, we recommend you ask in live chat if anyone knows the language you want to communicate in before making your order, regardless of whether your preferred method of communication is via call or chat.

Additionally, our players will never resort to cursing or making toxic/snide remarks, not only towards the customers but also anyone in the game. Everyone here at Eloking wants to promote a friendly and toxicity-free environment.

What’s next?

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