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How to Fix ‘Too Many Login Attempts’ in League of Legends

How to Fix ‘Too Many Login Attempts’ in League of Legends

There's nothing worse than wanting to hop on a game of league but not being able to because of a login error popping up out of nowhere. It's even worse if the error reads ''too many login attempts. Please try again later', because of the fact that there are literally no fixes to this problem on the internet.

Luckily, we have found two solutions that seem to make this problem go away permanently, and the best thing is that they're both quick and easy enough that anyone can do them.

Of course, first and foremost , chances are that you have already, but if not then you should try the obvious fixes that include:

Method #1: Disable Your VPN

The first thing to do if you see this specific is disable any VPN you might have running on your device. Seeing as how this is an issue related to connecting to the server, it might be that the VPN is causing your connection to send the log in information to the Riot servers more than once, resulting in this error popping up.

If you don't know how to disable a VPN on Windows 10, it's fairly simple. All you have to do is

  1. Click on the windows tab (or the windows button on your keyboard) and then click on the settings icon
  2. Click on 'network and internet'
  3. On the left hand side, click on 'VPN'
  4. Finally, click on the VPN you have connected and then disconnect it.

Method #2: Change Your DNS Address

If you didn't have a VPN enabled, or if disabling your VPN didn't work, then we guarantee the issue lies with your DNS address instead. Therefore, the second option is changing your DNS address to be, which is guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Because this might be a little complicated for some, we'll go through the various steps to do this for your own DNS.

Step 1: Go to the Connections Tab

The first thing you want to do is either press the windows icon at the bottom left, or press the windows key on your keyboard. From here, click on the settings icon and click on 'network and internet'

How to Fix ‘Too Many Login Attempts’ in League of Legends - Image 1

In the network and internet settings page, scroll down a little to find the option to 'change adapter options' and click it to find yourself in the connections tab.

How to Fix ‘Too Many Login Attempts’ in League of Legends - Image 2

Step 2: Identify your Connection

In the connections tab, you'll see multiple connections in front of you including your bluetooth and ethernet settings. Right click on the connection you use to play League of Legends (if you use a wifi, you'll see the name of that connection as well). After right clicking on it, click on 'properties'.

How to Fix ‘Too Many Login Attempts’ in League of Legends - Image 3

Here, you'll see multiple different items your connection uses. However, you only need to look for one, which is internet protocol version 4. Find it and double click on it to open a new window.

How to Fix ‘Too Many Login Attempts’ in League of Legends - Image 4

Step 3: Change the DNS

Now all that's left is to change the primary and secondary DNS of your connection. Before that, however, chances are 'obtain DNS server address automatically' will be selected. Instead of that, you want to click the option directly below it to set a custom DNS server address.

After doing that, make the preferred DNS server '''', and the alternate DNS server '''', and then click on 'OK'

How to Fix ‘Too Many Login Attempts’ in League of Legends - Image 5

Now all you have to do is run League of Legends (restart it if it was running all this time) and log in to your account. 

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