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Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch event Explained

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch event Explained

Overwatch 2 is slowly but surely making a comeback to become one of the most beloved FPS games of all time. While its launch might have been rocky, many players who used to play Overwatch during its glory days in 2017 are returning, and what better way to capitalize on the opportunity than an event?

Today, we’re here to go through everything you need to know about the Mirrorwatch event in Overwatch 2. Naturally, this includes what the event is, how long the event is expected to last, and the many rewards you can obtain by participating in it.

So, without further ado, here’s everything about the Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch event. Naturally, if you want to earn the rewards quicker then you can always hire a professional-level player from Eloking to help you out. Just don’t forget to use the code “BoostToday” so you don’t miss out on the 20% discount.

What is in the Mirrorwatch event?

Mirrorwatch Mercy

The Mirrorwatch event in Overwatch 2 is a brand-new look at the game’s characters and stories. The event occurs in a parallel universe where the villains are the heroes, and the heroes are the villains, giving fans a new perspective on Overwatch’s lore.

In the playable event, characters have different abilities to reflect their new side. For example, Sombra can hack her teammates to give them multiple buffs, or Mercy's ultimate now shoots rockets instead of healing. The rules and maps in this new event are the same as the ones in standard Overwatch 2.

The limited-time game mode allows players to collect 11 rewards consisting of skins, player icons, sprays, voice lines, charms, and titles. Out of these, the most valuable reward in the entire event is a legendary skin for Orisa, called OR-unit. If players want to get the skins made exclusively for the event that are in the new game mode, they can buy them from the in-game shop as part of bundles or as Mythics.

How long will the Mirrorwatch event last?

The Mirrorwatch event began on April 23, 2024, and will last until May 13, 2024. This time frame gives players around three weeks to grind through the mode and collect all the rewards.

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List of rewards for playing the Mirrorwatch event

Mirrorwatch skins

There are a total of 11 rewards and 12 challenges. Below is the list of rewards players can get throughout the event and what they must do to obtain them.

Spray - Mirrorwatch Athena

Players have to complete a total of 16 games in any mode. If they win, it'll count as two games.

Ana Voice Line - Your Emotions

Similar to the previous one, but instead of 16 games, players have to complete 24.

Widowmaker Voice Line - Justice delivered

Players have to complete 8 games, where winning will count as two games.

Player Icon - Arch-Commandant Amari

Players must play as a Support character and ultimate 20 times in the Mirrorwatch game mode.

Player Icon - Antivirus

The requirements are similar to the previous one, but players must use a Damage hero instead of a Support one.

Player Icon - Mirrorwatch Talon

The requirements are similar to the previous one, but players must use a Tank Hero.

Name Card - Staff of Vengeance

For this, players must complete 16 games while queuing for all roles in Mirrorwatch. Winning a match will count as two games.

Name Card - Mirrorwatch Gibraltar

Players must complete any 4 Mirrorwatch challenges.

Player Title - Arch-Commandment

Players have to complete 50 games of Mirrorwatch, where winning matches count as two games.

Weapon Charm - Talon Logo

Players must complete 32 games in any game mode, where winning a match counts as two games.

Orisa Legendary Skin - OR-Unit

Players must complete 9 Mirrorwatch challenges.


When will the Mirrorwatch event end?

The Mirrorwatch event will end on May 13, 2024, at which point you won’t be able to earn any of the rewards or participate in any of the events.

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