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How to Raise Your Trust Factor in CS2

How to Raise Your Trust Factor in CS2

In Counter-Strike 2, multiple elements count into your matchmaking experience, such as your region and rank. However, out of all of them, the Trust Factor is the one element that few people know about. 

Although this small element may seem meaningless, it has a massive impact on the game's matchmaking system. Today, we're here to delve completely into the trust factor system in CS2, including how you can raise it, what it is, and how you can find what your trust factor is.

In this article, we'll understand what Trust Factor is in CS2, how to check yours, and how to raise it. If you want to play with actual good teammates to ensure your trust factor doesn't go down, you can always hire a professional-level booster to play with you. Just don't forget to use the code "BoostToday" so you don't miss out on the 20% discount.

What is Trust Factor in CS2?

How to Raise Your Trust Factor in CS2 - Image 1

Trust Factor is a hidden element in CS2 that looks at a player's behavior in-game and Steam, then matches players with similar trust. When we say behavior, we mean things like good or bad internet, cheating, griefing, and anything that can affect someone else's gaming experience.

For example, if someone is reported a lot or banned too many times for team-killing, they'll be paired with players who've committed similar offenses. An important thing worth noting is that this will only affect your matchmaking and won't change your weekly case drops or openings.

Can you find out your Trust Factor in CS2?

No, there is no way to check or calculate your Trust Factor. The only way to get an idea about your trust factor is by joining a lobby with other players. If someone's Trust Factor is low, it'll show a small message that one player in the lobby has a value that will affect the quality of the match for the entire group.

While this method won't give us the exact Trust Factor value, it provides an idea of whose value is relatively lower.

Can you increase your Trust Factor in CS2?

How to Raise Your Trust Factor in CS2 - Image 2

Yes, you can increase your Trust Factor in CS2, but it isn't explicitly mentioned how. The only idea players have on raising this value is Valve, where they state that "The only way to improve your Trust Factor is to be a positive member of the Counter-Strike 2 and Steam community."

Although this isn't confirmed, players think that factors that affect Trust Factor include

To increase your Trust Factor, you must be a good player. Try not to be toxic to other players, don't leave games mid-way, and don't damage your teammates. Also, don't use any hacks. It's unclear how much these techniques will raise your Trust Factor, but it's the only thing that makes sense considering you're following Valve's statements.

Another big thing that can affect your Trust Factor is your Prime Status. In Counter-Strike 2, Prime will increase your Trust Factor and put you in a separate matchmaking pool where only Prime players can queue. 

To summarize, Trust Factor is a hidden value in CS2 that can change your matchmaking experience. There is no way to check your Trust Factor, but there is a way to get an idea of what it might be. Additionally, you can increase your value by being a good player and avoiding behavior that can disrupt other players' experiences.

What’s next?

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