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Overwatch 2 Season 9 Leaks: Massive Projectile Size Increase

Overwatch 2 Season 9 Leaks: Massive Projectile Size Increase

In an unexpected turn of events, the highly anticipated Overwatch 2 Season 9 patch notes have been leaked ahead of schedule, sending shockwaves through the gaming community. The leak originated from a rupo stream, revealing significant changes to projectile sizes that promise to revolutionize the gameplay experience for players across the board.

The leaks indicate a significant global increase in projectile sizes. Hit-scan weapons like Soldier 76's pulse rifle and Cassidy's Peacekeeper experience adjustments, while pro projectile weapons, such as Roadhog's Scrap Gun, see changes. Projectiles' travel times are modified based on speed, with exceptions for specific hero abilities.

So without further delay let us take a closer look at this massive development.

Global Projectile Size Increase

Overwatch 2 Projectile Sizes Comparison Chart

As mentioned before, the headline feature of this leak is the global increase in projectile sizes for most damage-dealing abilities in Overwatch 2. This adjustment aims to make it easier for heroes to hit their targets and introduces a strategic shift in the dynamics of combat.

For hit-scan weapons with high spread and rapid rates of fire, such as Soldier 76's pulse rifle, the average hit-scan increase is set at 0.05. This slight boost ensures that these weapons become more effective in targeting enemies, especially in fast-paced encounters.

Cassidy's Peacekeeper, a fan-favorite hit-scan ability, sees a more substantial increase of 0.08 in travel time. This adjustment enhances the precision and reliability of the Peacekeeper, potentially altering the dynamics of one-on-one engagements involving the iconic cowboy.

Pro projectile weapons, particularly shotguns like Roadhog's Scrap Gun or those with a high rate of fire like Ramattra’s Void Accelerator, receive a 0.05 increase in travel time. This modification aims to strike a balance between maintaining the uniqueness of these weapons and improving their overall effectiveness in battles.

Speed-Dependent Adjustments

Robot with orange thrusters moving through a city with digital billboards

The patch notes also shed light on specific adjustments based on projectile speed. Projectiles traveling slower than 50 m/second, exemplified by Pharah's rocket launcher, receive a significant 0.15 increase in travel time. Conversely, projectiles traveling at 50 m/second or more, such as Hanzo's Stormbow, see a 0.1 increase in travel time. 

However, it's important to note that not all heroes and abilities are affected by this projectile size increase. Certain projectiles, including Ana's Sleep DartOrisa's Energy JavelinBridget's Whip ShotReinhardt's Fire StrikeRoadhog's Chain HookSigma's Accretion, and Sombra's Virus, are excluded from this update. 

This selective approach aims to maintain the distinctive nature of these abilities and prevent unintended consequences on hero balance.

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Comprehensive Hero Adjustments

Apart from projectile adjustments, the leak reveals that other hero abilities, such as melee weapons and energy beams, will undergo alterations in either damage output or weapon hitbox width. These changes signal a comprehensive effort by the developers to fine-tune the entire hero roster and ensure a balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

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As the Overwatch 2 community eagerly awaits official confirmation and release of the Season 9 patch notes, the leaked information has already sparked intense discussions and speculations. Players and analysts alike are keen to see how these projectile size increases will impact the meta, strategies, and individual hero performances in the upcoming season. 

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