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How to Eco in Valorant? 2023


Valorant, Riot Games' tactical first-person shooter, demands not only sharp shooting skills but also strategic thinking. One of the most critical aspects of strategy is managing your economy, especially during eco rounds. Unfortunately, most players don’t know what it means to eco properly in Valorant, and that’s exactly what we’re here to change.

Now, if you want to improve your eco abilities in Valorant then you need to do a couple of things. Firstly, of course, you have to know the basics and importance of eco rounds. Then, you have to keep in mind that communication is key, utilities are your friends, and you need to play the numbers game. Try doing things like using unexpected strategies and picking up weapons to eco more efficiently too.

Keep reading and we guarantee you’ll be able to eco better in Valorant during, well, eco rounds.

What Are Eco Rounds in Valorant?

Eco rounds in Valorant refer to tactical situations where a team strategically decides to invest minimally in weaponry and armor due to limited credits. These rounds typically occur when a team faces a financial deficit, has lost previous rounds, or encountered difficulty in accruing sufficient funds. 

Instead of attempting to match the firepower of opponents, eco rounds involve making calculated choices to maximize the chances of success with limited resources. Players often opt for pistols or low-cost SMGs and prioritize teamwork, strategic positioning, and intelligent use of utility to outmaneuver better-equipped adversaries.

How to Eco in Valorant

Now that you know what eco rounds in Valorant are and why they’re so important, it’s time to move to the next step. It’s time to teach you guys how to eco in Valorant. To ensure you’re able to do so efficiently, we’ll expand on all steps in depth.

Communication is Key

Effective communication can often be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Nowhere is this truer than during eco rounds. When your team is facing the challenge of limited resources and weaponry, coordination becomes paramount. 

It's crucial to have open discussions about the approach your team will take for the round. This might involve deciding on a specific site to defend or attack, devising a surprise strategy, or simply ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Furthermore, communicating mid-round can provide your team with real-time updates on enemy positions and movements. This can help adapt your strategy on the fly, making adjustments based on the evolving situation. Sharing information about enemy ultimates or abilities can also guide your team's actions, allowing you to react more effectively to potential threats. Remember, eco rounds require a unified front, and effective communication serves as the glue that binds your team's efforts together.

Utilities Are Your Friends

Eco rounds might tempt players to rely solely on raw aiming skills due to the lack of expensive weaponry. However, dismissing the importance of abilities would be a strategic oversight. Abilities remain a potent tool at your disposal, even when credits are tight. Agents with disruptive and area-denial abilities can be pivotal in turning the tide of an eco round.

Imagine a scenario where your team is defending a site with limited firepower. A well-placed Sage wall can slow down enemy advances, giving your team a chance to catch them off guard. 

Similarly, deploying Phoenix's fiery wall or Omen's smokes can create confusion among opponents, allowing your team to exploit vulnerabilities. Saving a flash or a well-timed ultimate can also give you the element of surprise, potentially disrupting enemy strategies and turning the round in your favor.

Play the Numbers Game

Eco rounds in Valorant are all about strategic decision-making and leveraging the power of numbers. When faced with a financial deficit, your team can't rely solely on firepower, so it's crucial to capitalize on smart positioning and teamwork. 

One effective strategy during an eco round is to stack multiple teammates on a single site. By concentrating your forces, you increase the likelihood of overwhelming the opposition. This approach can catch opponents off guard, leaving them scrambling to counter the unexpected rush of attackers.

However, while stacking can be a potent tactic, it's important to consider the potential risks. Coordinated enemies might anticipate your intentions and set up well-placed utilities and crossfires. This means that striking a balance between aggression and caution is key. 

Sometimes, splitting up your team and playing defensively might catch the enemy off guard, as they could be expecting an all-out rush. Remember, adaptability is essential in Valorant, and learning to read the flow of the match will guide you toward choosing the best approach to eco rounds.

Weapon Choices

In Valorant, weapon choice is a defining factor in each round, and this holds true even during eco rounds. With limited resources, players often opt for pistols and low-cost SMGs as their primary weapons. 

The Sheriff, a pistol, is a popular choice due to its high damage output and potential for one-shot headshot kills. This makes it a valuable asset for players who can consistently land precise shots.

SMGs like the Spectre and the Bucky also find their place in eco rounds. The Spectre offers good mobility, allowing players to strafe while shooting and catch opponents off guard in close quarters. 

The Bucky, with its shot spread at close range, can deal substantial damage to multiple enemies in tight spaces. Both weapons provide unique advantages that can be exploited in different scenarios, adding depth to your eco round strategies.

Mind Games

Eco rounds in Valorant provide a unique opportunity to unleash your tactical creativity and catch your opponents off guard. While it's common for teams to play more conservatively during these rounds, throwing a curveball by adopting unexpected strategies can lead to surprising successes. 

Flanking, for instance, involves taking alternative routes to catch opponents from behind, potentially disrupting their formation and causing confusion. Unconventional angles are another way to gain an advantage. Rather than engaging in head-on battles, positioning yourself in spots where enemies might not expect can give you the upper hand.

Aggressive plays during eco rounds can also yield great results. Instead of turtling on the defensive, seizing the initiative and pushing forward can disrupt the enemy's plans. 

This can be especially effective when dealing with opponents who are expecting passive plays from an ecoing team.

Picking Up Weapons

Picking up weapons dropped by enemies can be a game-changing aspect of eco rounds. When you manage to eliminate an opponent, assessing the situation quickly and making a calculated decision can provide your team with a much-needed advantage. 

Dropped weapons, especially rifles, can significantly improve your firepower and increase your chances of winning the round. However, the decision to pick up a weapon should be made strategically. If it's safe to do so, grab the weapon and either use it during the round or drop it for a teammate in the next round.

When considering whether to pick up an enemy's weapon, take into account your positioning, the enemy team's location, and your teammates' positions. Rushing into enemy territory to grab a weapon might not be the best idea if it puts you at risk of getting eliminated instantly. 

On the other hand, if the weapon is nearby and you have a backup, grabbing it can quickly level the playing field. Effective communication within your team is crucial to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding weapon pickups.

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