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6 Advanced Tips and Tricks from a Challenger Player

6 Advanced Tips and Tricks from a Challenger Player

We have asked one of our challenger boosters in our team about some tips and tricks he wish he knew back then before hitting the challenger rank and he filled us with some of very cool tips and tricks that we are sharing with you today and it will definitely help you rank up or improve your gameplay.

When to forfeit the game

Most people just press the surrender button and forfeit the game over reasons what it's not necessarily a loss just yet, sometimes it's just hard to determine when to forfeit because you won't want to give up a winnable game but you also don't want to waste more time in a game that it is already lost. We think that forfeiting should be necessary on three trinity factors, which are, scaling, wave clear and range; if your team has better scale than the opponent's then it means a lot of things, scale just means their abilities and champion kit is superior to most champions in the late game and the more impactful then the longer the game goes. Wave clear is super important because it indicates how fast or slow you have to give towers in the mid game when you are losing. Range is just as important because the longer your range is on your abilities the further you can be away from your enemies as the game stalls, but none of this important if their scale, wave clear and range is better than yours. So never forfeit no matter how behind your team is, you can always comeback.

Dodging to climb

Dodging is really effective to climb elo because the maximum LP loss is significantly lower than actually losing a game and you don't lose MMR for dodging so, as long as you are winning the games that should be won, you will maintain higher gains than losses, then you will be able to climb to high elo with a higher winrates. There are many factors that you can spot to validate a dodge, like if your team mate is only really bad win streak then you should kind of expect his mentality of how determined his to be willing to win the game, but make sure to only judge his recent matches on the same day or closer to that.

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Laning Optimally

Playing your lane optimally has a lot to do with when your champion can actually pressure and your lane and jungle matchup, for example, if you're playing Zedd and I'm versing a LeBlanc/Elise matchup, your first priority should be isn't pushing the lane because you're dead if a single chain lands even if you flash, but if you're versing Vladimir/Rengar, you can prioritize pushing, because they have a little threat to you in the laning phase.

Mastering one role

In order to learn everything about a role you need to play over and over again so you become experienced with it, the more you play it, the better you get, the chances if you winning a game will most likely getting higher. So try to master specific champions for that positions so that you'll become a more competitive player.

Being honest with yourself

If you're a silver or a gold player, you're likely not going to hit diamond in a week, if you're a bronze or an iron player, you're likely not going to hit gold in a week. Getting better at this game takes time and most importantly, patience, if you want to improve then you need to be honest with yourself and look at your current skill level, put your ego aside, stop blaming your team mates and work on self improvement, setting realistic goals with specific milestones in between will make you get to your next goal easier. Maybe your goal is just to win one game per day, whatever it is it's important that you understand just how much time and dedication it takes to get better, it's hard to slow things down and smell the roses along the journey because we all want to see that finish lines of that challenger elo, however if you get over this hurdle and learn to grow then you will become a much better player overall and a better person overall.

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What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new about League of Legends - it’s time you start playing and get better at the game. We can help! Purchase Eloking League of Legends Boost right now and start playing at the rank you deserve!

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