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Best Items to Build in League Of Legends Arena Mode

Best Items to Build in League Of Legends Arena Mode

With the brand new 2v2v2v2 arena mode added to League of Legends as an event, players are having to get accustomed to builds they otherwise never might have used. After all, although many of the items that are present in the Rift are also present in the Arena mode, the buying system is more like Wild Rift. 

Instead of players being able to use their gold whenever they want, there are buying rounds. Therefore, what items players should build are different than the recommended ones in Summoner's Rift. With that being said, we've compiled a list of the items that should help you the most in League of Legends and we'll also be going through why they're the cream of the arena crop.

So if you were looking for a place to get all the best items to build in League of Legends arena mode then you're at the perfect place.

How Do Items Work in League of Legends Arena Mode

Fantasy game item shop interface featuring various equipment and artifacts

Before we go through the best items to build in League of Legends arena mode, it's important to go through a couple of things regarding this game mode. To be more specific, we won't be talking about the best items to build in this mode, but the best items in general. Why? Well, because you technically don't build items in this game mode.

Don't get what we mean? Well, because of the way the arena mode works, players are handed a substantial amount of money at the end of every round. Therefore, players are able to purchase fully build items from the get go instead of having to build them one item at a time.

Because of this, snowballing in this game mode is much more difficult than in other game modes, as players are almost always on even footing. Well, except if you have an elixir called juice. With all these new things added to the game, let us see if anyone will ask if League is dying.


Fantasy strategy game with characters fighting in an arena

Since we've already dropped the name of this brand new item, might as well go through it as well. Juices are a new item added to the game and they have the potential to be game changers when used correctly. These elixirs function as temporary boosts for champions enhancing their performance for a single round. Basically, they're steroids your champions can use to get a major advantage for one round.

However, it isn't as though players are just handed these elixirs. Instead, players have to get at least 700 gold if they want to purchase it for one round. According to Riot themselves - "You can spend 700 gold to buy a one-round boost using a new type of elixir we're calling Juices. These are your reward for playing more early game-focused champions. Stack up kills early, get the gold, and buy a few juices in tougher rounds later."

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Sunfire Aegis

A mystical emblem surrounded by flames

Ah yes, the trusty Sunfire Aegis. While this armor item was already extremely handy when it came to using it in the Summoner's Rift, we'd argue that it's even better in this game mode, especially if you're playing as a tank champion like Dr. Mundo.

So, what does it do? Well, as the name suggests, it gives players a good amount of extra armor and extra health to ensure they're able to last longer in team fights. However, that isn't all it does. On the contrary, it also gives players the immolate passive. Basically, this makes it so that taking or dealing damage activates this passive for 3 seconds, and nearby champions are dealt magic damage.

The more you damage enemies the more this passive stacks until you're eventually dealing 60% more than the base damage. Well, seeing as how most of the arena maps are pretty small, it's safe to say that you'll be constantly damaging at least one enemy champion at all times.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Artistic depiction of a wizard's hat engulfed in flames

If you usually play as an AP focused champion then you NEED to build Rabadon's Deathcap as soon as you can. One of the primary reasons why Rabadon's Deathcap is so good is the immense AP boost it offers. 

By providing an additional 35% increase to the champion's total AP, the item can turn a champion's abilities into formidable weapons. This means that champions with high AP ratios on their abilities will benefit greatly from the Deathcap, making their spells hit harder and allowing them to burst down opponents more efficiently.

What this basically means is that as long as you buy this item before the enemy champions are able to tank up their defenses, you should be able to make quick work of them in the early rounds. Of course, this is only assuming that you've also picked a champion that's able to deal some massive damage.

Titanic Hydra

Fantasy axe with dragon design on a flaming background

Up next is Titanic Hydra, a must have item for players who play champions that deal physical damage. Well. if you're one such player then chances are that you already know what this item does. The bottom line, however, is that this item is considered good because it provides a combination of offensive and defensive capabilities.

One of the main reasons why Titanic Hydra is valued is its powerful active ability. Upon activation, the item deals an AoE attack, dealing damage based on the champion's maximum health. This AoE damage can be devastating in team fights, especially when facing multiple enemies in close proximity, and in this game mode you'll likely be facing at two enemies in every round.

Moreover, the Titanic Hydra offers a considerable boost to a champion's attack damage and health. This is especially advantageous for bruisers and tanky champions, as it enhances their dueling potential and overall survivability. The increased health also synergizes well with other items that scale with maximum health, providing further tankiness.


Various styled fantasy game boots

We've gone through one item that buffs everything, one item that helps in defense, one that helps in ability power, and one that helps in attack power. Naturally, the last item to go through will have to be something that gives your champion some more speed, and what better to do that than buying boots?

Now, the thing about boots is that different champions should wear different shoes. Therefore, it's difficult to name just one. However, we do want to go through three of the most famous ones that player usually gravitate towards.

What’s next?

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