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How to Snowball in League of Legends


Snowballing is something every League of Legends player dreams of doing. If you aren’t sure of what it means in the context of this game, Snowballing in League of Legends means gaining an early advantage in a match and then using it to exponentially increase your lead, ultimately leading to a dominant victory. As you can imagine, it makes every match significantly easier.

Now, being able to snowball in a game of League of Legends is never certain. However, we have a couple of tips that are sure to help you achieve your snowballing goal. The first is to, of course, make an active effort to win the early game. You can do this by maximizing your vision control, building a gold advantage, communicating with your teammates, avoiding risky decisions, and finally roaming to keep the pressure on the enemy team.

We’ll be going through various strategies and tips you can use to have more than a snowball’s chance in hell of snowballing in League of Legends.

Win the Early Game

The first thing you have to do if you want to snowball in League of Legends is to, of course, win the early game. You have to make an active effort of being smart around the first couple of minutes to ensure you’re able to get at least one advantage over your mirror champion. This advantage can be in the form of a kill, more minions, or even a good assist because of your Jungler’s gank.

Basically, focus on last hitting minions to accumulate gold and experience, enabling you to quickly reach important power spikes. Prioritize controlling objectives such as Dragon and Rift Herald, as they provide global advantages for your team. Additionally, aggressive playstyles and early ganks can create pressure and put your opponents on the back foot.

Vision Control

Vision control plays a vital role in snowballing. Place wards in strategic locations to gain information about the enemy team's movements. By having vision in the river entrances, jungle paths, and key areas of the map, you can track the enemy jungler and avoid potential ganks. Additionally, you can also 

Use Control Wards to deny the enemy team's vision and create opportunities for picks and ambushes. Vision control not only enhances your safety but also enables you to make informed decisions and capitalize on enemy mistakes.

Keep Roaming and Maintain Pressure

Once you have a lead in your lane, consider roaming to other lanes to spread your advantage. Coordinate with your team and look for opportunities to gank other lanes, securing kills and objectives. Of course, it’s crucial that you communicate with your teammates otherwise you might end up doing more harm than good.

Roaming not only helps your teammates by relieving pressure but also creates additional map pressure. Pushing down turrets and securing global objectives like Outer Turrets and the Mid Lane Turret weakens the enemy team's map presence and provides your team with gold and map control.

Build a Gold Advantage

Use your gold advantage wisely by purchasing items that enhance your champion's strengths. Analyze the game situation and adapt your item build accordingly. Offensive items increase your damage output, allowing you to overpower your opponents, while defensive items can provide survivability against burst damage from enemy assassins or mages.

Understanding your champion's power spikes and building the right items will help you maximize your effectiveness and maintain your lead. The better items you get, the better you’ll be able to perform, and the better you perform the bigger the gap between you and your opponents will be. Remember, the goal is to be as overpowered as possible.

Communicate and Coordinate

League of Legends is a team based game, and as such it’s almost always impossible for a single champion to win an entire match. If you’re looking to snowball into an overpowered champion by the end of the match, it’s crucial that you have the support of your teammates. 

Effective communication and coordination with your team are essential for successful snowballing. Share your game plan and objectives with your teammates to ensure everyone is on the same page. Communicate important information such as summoner spell cooldowns, enemy ward placements, and potential gank opportunities. Coordinate with your jungler to set up ganks in other lanes, applying additional pressure and securing kills. Working as a team amplifies the impact of your snowball and increases your chances of victory.

Some teammates also actively try to give the final hit on enemy champions and farm to the teammate who’s trying to snowball. This makes the snowballing process significantly easier and less annoying.

Don’t Be Overconfident

Often times, as soon as players realize how much power they really have, they stop thinking and strategizing and instead start heading head first into battle. One common pitfall when snowballing is becoming complacent and making risky decisions. After all, overconfidence can lead to unnecessary deaths or throwing away your lead. The same goes for being unnecessarily toxic just because you’re winning a match.

It's important to stay focused, maintain a disciplined mindset, and continue making calculated plays. Evaluate the risks before engaging in fights or making aggressive plays. Prioritize objectives and maintain map control rather than chasing unnecessary kills. By staying level headed and avoiding unnecessary risks, you can sustain your advantage and secure victory.

Remember, you might have the power to take out every single enemy in a one on one fight, but fighting someone alone and with their entire team backing them is very different. Always strategize during the match, even if you know for certain you can wipe out the entire team in one fell swoop. It only takes one respawn timer duration to end a match.

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