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Push: What does it mean to push in League of Legends?

Push refers to when a minion wave is progressing towards an enemy turret, or ‘pushing the lane’ as League players call it. A push could either be done by your team or the enemy team.

Having a minion wave push a lane is extremely useful, mostly because it makes it easier for you and your teammates to target the turret, especially when the turret has platings you can take advantage of to make some quick cash. Additionally, it also helps in denying the enemy the chance to farm your minions by having the turret take them out instead.

To push a lane, you need to first clear the way for your minions. You can do this by either auto-attacking or using abilities on the enemy minions so the minions from your team go straight toward the turret.

What is split pushing?

Another form of pushing is split pushing, a strategy that many players use to win a match. Split pushing is when four champions from a team are on one part of the map team fighting with the entire enemy team, while the fifth champion goes to a different lane to sneakily take out that lane’s turret or, better yet, the inhibitor.

This strategy has proven useful in many instances, but it’s important you have teammates that can keep the enemy busy while you split push. If you don’t have teammates like that, consider purchasing a LoL boost from Eloking.

What is the difference between pushing and funneling?

In the context of the game League of Legends, pushing and funneling are two different strategies that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. Pushing refers to the act of attacking and destroying enemy structures, such as turrets and the Nexus, in order to advance through the game and ultimately defeat the enemy team. Funneling, on the other hand, involves directing the flow of minions, enemy champions, and other elements of the game in a way that gives your team an advantage. While pushing and funneling are both important strategies in the game, they are used for different purposes and require different tactics.

Should you always push your lane?

While pushing is an important strategy in the game, it is not always the best course of action. In some situations, it may be more beneficial to focus on other objectives, such as farming minions, ganking other lanes, or defending against enemy pushes. Whether or not to push a lane will depend on the specific situation, and players should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of pushing before making a decision.

Which is the most important lane to push?

All lanes are important and have their own unique strategies and tactics. The most important lane to push will depend on the specific situation and the goals of the team. In general, the mid lane is considered to be the most important lane, as it provides access to key objectives such as the enemy's jungle and the Dragon pit. The top and bottom lanes are also important, as they provide access to important structures such as turrets and the Nexus. Ultimately, the most important lane to push will depend on the team's overall strategy and the current state of the game.

What types of push strategies are there?

There are many different push strategies that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. Some common push strategies include:

Ultimately, the best push strategy will depend on the specific situation and the strengths of the team. Players should carefully consider their options and choose the strategy that will give them the best chance of success.

Which are the best champions for pushing?

There are many champions that are well-suited for pushing, and the best champions will depend on the specific situation and the goals of the team. Some champions that are generally considered to be good at pushing include:

What's next?

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