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Funneling: What is funneling in League of Legends?

League of Legends is a game full of different types of strategies, with some working better than others. One popular one, especially in the lower ranks, is called funneling, where the team focuses on ‘funneling’ all XP and gold to one champion in order to make it as overpowered as possible.

The champion that’s mostly made into the hyper carry is the mid-laner, whose job usually would be to support the jungler. When the funneling strategy is being used, the jungler supports the mid-laner using early game gangs allowing for the mid-laner to get some easy pickoffs against the opponent.

Because of this, the hyper carry is able to buy essential items early on in the game and get an insane advantage against opponents in both early and mid-game.

As mentioned above, this strategy is really popular in the lower ranks, but players that are anywhere above the Gold rank should easily be able to counter this by focusing on the other teammates and lanes aside from the hyper carry and their lane. After all, one champion can’t win a game, and there are several lanes that could be attacked at once.

However, funneling isn’t so easy to pull off, as it requires immense teamwork and skill, especially from the carry. Fortunately, you could have a professional Eloking LoL coach show you and your team the ropes. Learn more about LoL coaching before hiring one.

Why is funneling strategy so popular?

There are a few reasons why funneling is a popular strategy in League of Legends. First, it allows a single player to quickly gain an advantage by farming minions in the middle lane. This can be especially effective if the player is able to outplay their opponent in the middle lane and get ahead in levels and gold. Additionally, funneling can be a good way to protect a team's weaker players, who may not be as skilled at farming minions or fighting other players. By focusing all of the minions on a single player, the other members of the team can focus on other tasks, such as pushing towards the enemy base or defending their own towers. Overall, funneling is a versatile strategy that can be effective in many different situations.

When is funneling a bad idea?

While funneling can be an effective strategy in many situations, it is not always the best choice. For example, if the enemy team has strong gankers (players who specialize in ambushing and killing enemy players) in the top and bottom lanes, funneling can make it easy for them to pick off the player farming minions in the middle lane. This can put the team at a disadvantage, as they will be down a player and have less gold and experience to work with. Additionally, if the enemy team has a strong jungler (a player who farms minions in the area between the lanes), they may be able to disrupt the funneling strategy by stealing the minions from the middle lane. In these situations, it may be better for the team to focus on other strategies, such as split pushing or team fighting.

Which champions are best for funneling?

There are many champions that are well-suited to the funneling strategy in League of Legends. Some of the best champions for funneling include:

Overall, any champion who is strong at farming minions and can quickly gain an advantage by leveling up can be effective for funneling. It's important to choose a champion that fits the team's overall strategy and can work well with the other members of the team.

What to watch out for when funneling?

There are a few things to watch out for when using the funneling strategy in League of Legends. Some of the key things to keep in mind include:

Overall, the key to successful funneling is to have good communication and coordination with the team, and to be able to adapt to changing situations on the battlefield.

What’s next?

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