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League of Legends: How To Reach Platinum in Season 14

League of Legends: How To Reach Platinum in Season 14

League of Legends Season 14 has ushered in a wave of changes, from updates to the Summoner's Rift to a complete rework of items. With three new Baron Nashors and brand new terrain, adapting to the transformed map is crucial. The jungle monsters and a full item rework have reshaped the game's dynamics.

In this article, we will explore in depth all the tips and tricks one needs to reach Platinum with minimal effort. From leveraging dodges for favorable placements to adapting to emerging metas, from one-tricking for stability to maintaining mental resilience we have covered it all.

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Without further delay, let's explore some strategies that can significantly impact your win rate and set you off on a triumphant journey toward Platinum. 

1. Dodging

League of Legends: How To Reach Platinum in Season 14 - Image 1
In the early days of the season, dodging is a powerful tool that won't penalize you heavily. With no LP penalty and your rank remaining unaffected, you can strategically use dodges to optimize your placement matches. 

Dodge games where team compositions don't favor your preferred playstyle or champion. This allows you to influence your placements towards more favorable matchups, increasing your chances of going on a win streak.

Remember, win streaks early in the season carry more weight than later on. Achieving a higher MMR early on sets you up for better matchmaking, making it easier to climb to your previous rank and beyond.

2. Maximize Game Volume Early On

Playing as many games as possible in the initial days of the season is crucial. Aim for around eight games a day to capitalize on the influx of players and the potential skill disparity. 

If you have a 9-to-5 job, try to play before and after work, and dedicate weekends to maximize your game volume. The more games you play early in the season, the easier it is to pull away from lower-ranked players.

For those unable to invest extensive time initially, a phased approach is recommended. Avoid ranked during the first week or so, allowing the player base to stabilize. Afterward, focus on concentrated sessions whenever possible to make the most of your limited time.

3. Meta Abuse

League of Legends: How To Reach Platinum in Season 14 - Image 2

With the introduction of new items, certain champions and item builds may emerge as overpowered. Stay vigilant during the early days to identify the meta and adapt accordingly. Whether it's on-hit items or tank itemization, understanding the prevailing trends can give you a significant edge.

If tanks dominate, consider playing champions who can abuse the new tank items. Conversely, if on-hit carries rise to prominence, either counter them directly or join the trend. Flexibility and adaptability are key to exploiting the ever-evolving meta.

4. Maintain a Healthy Mental State

Seasonal placements can be a rollercoaster, with wins and losses impacting your mood. It's crucial to maintain a healthy mental state and not let a string of losses affect your confidence. 

If placements don't go as planned, remember that it's just the beginning. The matchmaking system will balance out over time, and as long as you contribute positively to your games, your win rate will normalize.

Investing time early in the season is essential, but it's equally important to manage frustration and disappointment. Don't let a few bad games define your entire season.

5. One-Tricking for Stability

If you struggle with adapting to new champions or playstyles, consider one-tricking a champion at the start of the season. Finding comfort in a particular champion allows you to focus on learning the new map and item changes without the added complexity of adapting to different champions regularly.

This strategy provides stability and a consistent learning platform. Whether you're a seasoned player or relatively new to the game, having a main champion to fall back on can simplify the adaptation process.

6. Vision and Map Awareness

League of Legends: How To Reach Platinum in Season 14 - Image 3

While mastering the mechanical aspects of your chosen champion is crucial, understanding the importance of vision and map awareness can elevate your gameplay to new heights. Season 14 introduces changes to the Summoner's Rift, and being acutely aware of the map can provide a strategic advantage.

Warding Strategies

Place wards strategically to control vision around objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor. Understanding the new terrain and possible jungle paths can help you predict enemy movements and make informed decisions.

Sweeping for Enemy Vision

Invest in Control Wards and Oracle Lens to deny enemy vision. Sweeping key areas before engaging in skirmishes or setting up for objectives ensures that your team operates with superior knowledge, reducing the risk of ambushes.

Map Awareness for Rotations

With changes to the map layout, it's essential to stay attuned to your team's positioning and potential enemy rotations. Keep an eye on the minimap, anticipate enemy movements, and be ready to respond or make proactive plays based on the information available.

Communication with Teammates

Effective communication is a cornerstone of success in League of Legends. Use ping signals and communicate with your team regarding enemy positions, vision, and potential objectives. A well-coordinated team with strong map awareness can outmaneuver opponents, securing crucial advantages.

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All in all, approaching Season 14 with a strategic mindset, maximizing game volume, adapting to the meta, maintaining mental resilience, and considering one-tricking can significantly impact your climb to Platinum and beyond. 

What’s next?

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