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The Best CS2 Console Commands

The Best CS2 Console Commands

Console commands have the potential to make the lives of CS2 players so much easier. However, while it’s very likely that there’s a console command for every scenario you can think of, not all of them are known by the general public. Well, that’s what we’re here to help you guys with.

To ensure you know which console commands players use most often, we’ll be going through the best console commands in CS2. To make it even more convenient, we’ve divided the console commands based on what they’re used for. This means there’s a different list for console commands used for info or to generally enhance your experience, for local hosts or server admins, and for bots.

So, to make it so you know exactly what console command to use the next time you’re playing CS2, keep reading for the best CS2 console commands.

Enabling the Console in CS2

The Best CS2 Console Commands - Image 1

Before diving into the world of CS2 console commands, you need to enable the console. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Go to the in-game settings and click on the 'Game' tab.
  2. You will see the 'Enable Developer Console (~)' setting.
  3. Click on the drop-down next to the setting and choose 'Yes.’
  4. You can now access the console by pressing the ~ or ` key (located below the Esc key on the top left of your keyboard).

Best CS2 Console Commands for Info & Better Experience



cl_showfps 1

Shows a live FPS (frames per second) on your game screen, allowing you to monitor game performance.

fps_max 0

Removes FPS limits in the game, giving you more control over your frame rate.

cq_netgraph 1

Displays latency information in the top right corner of the game screen.

voice_scale 0.5

Adjusts the volume of your teammates' voice chat. Use any value between 0 and 1 based on your preference.

bind [key] [action]

Binds a specific action to a key, enabling quick access to various in-game functions.


Disconnects you from the match server.


Exits CS2 completely and returns to your desktop.

Best CS2 Practice Commands for Local Hosts or Server Admins



sv_cheats 1

Enables cheat commands for server admins, allowing extensive control over gameplay.


Lets you fly through the map and toggle between flying and standing with a key bind.

mp_roundtime 60

Sets the round time to 60 minutes, ideal for extended practice sessions.

mp_restartgame 1

Instantly restarts the match for quick practice and adjustments.

sv_infinite_ammo 1

Provides infinite ammunition for all weapons and grenades.

mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1; mp_respawn_on_death_t 1

Enables instant respawns for both CT and T sides.

mp_buytime 60000; mp_buy_anywhere 1; mp_maxmoney 65535; mp_startmoney 65535

Grants flexibility in purchasing weapons and equipment.

changelevel [map code]

Changes the server's map to the specified map, facilitating map practice.


Displays the path of grenades in the air, crucial for practicing precise throws.


Re-throws the previously thrown grenade or smoke, allowing for better experimentation.


Activates god mode, rendering your character invulnerable to damage.


Instantly kills your character and respawns, useful for swift adjustments in practice sessions.

CS2 Best Bot Commands




Adds bots to the server for warm-up or practice.


Instantly removes all bots from the server.


Places a bot at your line of sight.

bot_stop 1

Stops all bots from moving; set to 0 to make them move again.

Best CS2 Launch Commands

In addition to in-game console commands, there are launch commands that can further enhance your CS2 experience:

To enable launch commands in CS2, follow these steps:


Are CS2 console commands considered cheats or cheats?

CS2 console commands themselves are not cheats or hacks. They are legitimate tools provided by the game to customize your gaming experience. However, some console commands can alter the game's settings or gameplay in a way that might be considered unfair or cheating in multiplayer matches.

What are CS2 console commands, and how do I use them?

CS2 console commands are text-based inputs that allow you to configure and control various aspects of the game Counter-Strike 1.6. These commands can be used to change in-game settings, adjust gameplay parameters, and more.

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The Best CS2 Console Commands
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