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League of Legends: All New Changes in the Arena Mode

League of Legends: All New Changes in the Arena Mode

Arena Mode blew a fresh breeze in the faces of frustrated Lol Players. It graced the game in July this year and it's safe to say the players got obsessed with it. This left the players all gloomy when the new mode later bid them farewell.

Fortunately, Arena is returning in early December, packing even more excitement this time. While it was away, Riot extensively pondered the player's feedback and has now addressed many of the issues. With brand-new Augments, item changes, and exciting new cameos, Arena is set to take over the League community again.

In this article, we'll take a look at all the exciting new changes and brand-new additions to the 2v2v2v2 Mode.

Arena Mode: All New Changes

Riot games are fixated on making Arena all the more enjoyable for the players. While the mode is still in an experimentation phase, the developers are introducing many new changes that will endorse stability and a positive experience for players. Ultimately, paving the path for the mode to become permanent in the foreseeable future.

Without further delay, the following are all the changes being introduced in the newly evolved Arena: 

Multiple Player Queuing

One of the changes demanded by the player base was the ability to play with more than one friend. Riot understood the assignment, giving the new Arena not only 2 to 4 players queuing but the ability to queue up the whole lobby of 8 together, much like a private game.

Now you can queue up with 7 friends and enjoy a competitive game of 2v2v2v2 within your circle. While this game will feel like a private match, it will still queue up just like a normal game. You will still gain or lose Arena LP as you win or lose these friendly matches.  

Struggling to win? Bad teammates? Steam Nose Emoji
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Brand New Augments

The last time Arena was around, the players witnessed many redundant champions in their games. The existing limiting augments and gameplay lead to a monotonous champion meta. Riot has taken to this issue heavily, as this Arena return will be featured by a massive 60 new augments addition, endorsing numerous other champions to compete in the ring. 

Strategy game interface showing three ability options: Firebrand, Vengeance, and With Haste

The variety of new augments will cater to the needs of a diverse champion pool. For example, there will be augments granting ability haste to specific abilities such as Q, W, or E. Moreover, the redundancy of one augment has been optimized, now an augment will only be offered twice in a game.  

Related: Best Solo Champions to play in Arena.

Teammate Reviving

Yes, you can revive your teammates now. After your duo teammate has fallen on the battlefield, a circle will become visible around his dead body. Standing inside this circle for a few seconds will bring your teammate back to life with around 40% HP.

Fantasy video game battle scene with characters fighting in a snowy landscape

Note: You can only revive a teammate once and pushing a player out of the revival circle will reset the revive timer. 

Addition of Hexgates

Just like in ARAM, Hexgates are now placed around the Arena maps. But unlike the Hexgates of Summoners Rift or ARAM, these will trigger instantly without any load-up buffer. This will allow players to either reallocate to a fight quickly or escape to the other side of the map. 

Hexgates are also a convenient way to play around the Power Flowers, as they allow you to instantly reallocate to a newly spawned plant.


Finally, let's talk about the Cameos, which are the ghost-type figures portraying a champion. These Cameos can influence the map and the players with their specific abilities depending on which champions they are based on. The initial Arena launch greeted us with the Sett, Pyke, Lux, Samira, and Nafiri Cameos. 

Intense multiplayer battle in a fiery game arena

While the Sett and Pyke Cameos will retain their presence in Arena, The following New Cameos will be replacing the old ones:

When will Arena Mode be Released?

Arena Mode is set to hit live servers in Early December in Patch 13.24. But you can try the new mode already on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

What’s next?

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