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Riot Games: What is Riot Games?

Riot games is an American video game developer behind not only the insanely popular MOBA League of Legends, but also the free-to-play first-person shooter that took the world by storm, Valorant.

In addition to being video game developers, they are also esports tournament organizers based in Los Angeles, California. They have held multiple tournaments, including the League of Legends Championship Series, which regularly brings in over 100,000 viewers on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube combined.

While the company was founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill to develop League of Legends, they were later acquired by what is currently the biggest video game company in the world, Tencent.

They’ve recently started publishing spin-offs to their most successful title, League of Legends, which are all developed by third party publishers. Those include:

Additionally, they also worked with Fortiche to release Arcane, the Netflix animated show that took everyone by surprise because of how good it was. If you’ve watched it for yourself, then you might be wondering if Arcane is connected to League of Legends and we have the answer to that!

In the future, Riot Games has announced that they’re working on multiple titles that are of genres we haven’t yet seen them ever work on. There’s a fighting game called Project L, a simulation game called LoL Esports Manager, an action-adventure hack-and-slash called Project F, and, maybe the most surprising of all, an unknown MMORPG.

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