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LCS: What is LCS in League of Legends?

Have you ever wondered what the biggest League of Legends esports tournament series is? Well, if you’re even the least bit interested in LoL esports, then chances are you’ve heard of the League Championship Series, or LCS for short.

When it comes to the United States and Canada, LCS is the top level of League of Legends. Being run by Riot Games itself, the majority of matches are played live at Riot Games Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Each annual season of competition is divided into two splits, which are spring and summer. They conclude with a double-elimination tournament between the top eight teams. At the end of the season, the winner, runners-up, and third-place team of the summer playoffs go on to qualify for the annual League of Legends World Championship.

Where to watch LCS matches?

The LCS primarily gets its viewership from Riot Games’ own YouTube and Twitch channels, with matches regularly exceeding 200,000 views. While they had previously begun constructing a deal to give BAMTech exclusive rights to distribute LCS broadcasts through 2023, complications arose because of Walt Disney acquiring BAMTech, because of which Riot entered an agreement to non-exclusively carry its broadcasts on ESPN+ instead, in addition to existing outlets such as Twitch.

As for bringing LCS to traditional television, Riot Games CEO Brandon Beck stated in 2012 that they had no plans on doing so, although we’d say it isn’t even needed with how many viewers they regularly bring in.

What’s next?

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