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Is Arcane Connected To League Of Legends


Even though it's safe to say that the MOBA game, League of Legends, doesn't have a whole specific story to tell about the game itself, the characters themselves have very interesting backstories that take place in a world called Runeterra.

After 10 years of releasing the famous League of Legends, Riot Games announced that they will release a connected series to League of Legends, Arcane that will be starring the game's champions/characters.

Arcane's story gets to happen in the city of progress which is called Piltover and the undercity that is called Zaun, where two sisters fight on opposite sides of a war between magical techniques and conflicting beliefs. The series presents the origins of two iconic League of Legends champions who are Jinx and Vi which are the main characters of the series, there are also other characters such as Caitlyn, Jayce, Ryze, Viktor, Heimerdinger, Ekko, and Singed.

Arcane's Popularity

Since Arcane was released, it has been and still blowing up and it got a whopping 130 million worldwide views 3 hours after the show was released. Arcane opened the gates for famous game producers to start creating such a production and we expect that we will see TV Shows for more games in the near future. It has been confirmed that Arcane has ranked first in the list of the top 10 most-watched series on Netflix in 37 countries and that makes Arcane beat the famous Korean show Squid Game.

Arcane and League of Legends' Lore

Piltover is the overworld and Zaun is the underworld basically, Piltover is the more advanced technologically capable area with the more rich, higher class society members, now Zaun is basically both figuratively and literally below Piltover, Zaun is a much lower class, higher crime rate, more poor people filled society and it's basically the underworld of Piltover while also being literally under Piltover.

Arcane and New League of Legends Champions

It's no secret that there were some new champions that aren't in the League of Legends' champion pool such as Silco, Mel and Ambessa Medarda, Deckard, Finn, Mylo, Claggor, Bolbok, and Sheriff Marcus and we expect those names in future updates.

The lead champion producer Ryan "Reav3" Mireles answered in a Reddit post - “Arcane has resonated with so many players, Champs team is definitely excited to explore characters from Arcane, that would make sense in a MOBA, in the future." and that proves that we will see some Arcane Characters soon.

Is there a Season 2 of Arcane

The Co-Creators, Christian Linke and Alex Yee recently made an announcement on the 20th of November - "We're beyond happy about the positive response to Arcane's first season and we are working hard with the creative wizards at Riot and Fortiche to deliver our second installment" therefore, it's been revealed that season 2 was in production at the time of the announcement that means that writing and storyboarding for continuing the characters is on its way. Arcane's season 1 was originally meant to air in 2020 but the global health issue pushed things back to November of 2021, if there are no more delays we can expect an earlier release for the second installment.

What’s next?

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