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Summoners Rift: What is summoners rift in League of Legends?

There might be multiple different maps in League of Legends, like the Howling Abyss or Twisted Treeline, but none are as well known and loved as the Summoner’s Rift, the gameplay map for both LoL and Wild Rift.

The objective of Summoner’s Rift is very simple. All you have to do is destroy the enemy’s nexus. Doing it, however, is where the trouble lies. Players must push the three lanes, all the while killing the minions that spawn and destroy the towers, or turrets, that defend them.

Because of the five vs. five nature of the game, cooperation between teammates is a must if a team wants to be victorious. Because of this, ganking a lane that isn’t yours is extremely common, especially in late-game, where the concept of staying in your own lane pretty much disappears.

In between all the lanes, however, is the jungle that contains neutral monsters of varying degrees of toughness, with all of them providing gold and XP, but only some of them providing buffs to whichever champion slays it.

At both corners, right behind the team's nexus, is the spawn point, where enemies respawn after dying. Additionally, the spawn point contains a shop where players can buy and sell items with or for gold. The blue side’s shopkeeper is a female Yordle, while the red side’s shopkeeper is a male Otter.

Dividing both sides of the rift is a neutral river which makes for easy access to the other side for players. For the 2009 Snowdown Showdown even, the Rift was changed to make for a more winter-themed map, and the river was frozen.

What monsters are in the Summoner’s Rift?

There are many different types of monsters in the jungle area of the Rift. While slaying most of them is the job of the jungler, some of them, like the Baron and dragons, require the assistance of the entire team.

Small monsters

The Raptor, mini wolf, and mini Krug are all small monsters that give whoever slays them gold and XP. Smite cannot be used on them.

Medium monsters

The only medium monster is the Krug. When killed, a Krug breaks into two mini Krugs.

Large monsters

There are many large monsters in the Rift, such as the Ancient Krug that breaks into two regular Krugs and the Greater Murk Wolf. The most important ones, however, are the Blue Sentinal and Red Brambleback, also known as blue and red buff, respectively.

Epic monsters

Epic monsters include the Rift Herald, all the Dragons, and the Baron. They are extremely important because of their game-changing natures.

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