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Twisted Treeline: What is twisted treeline in League of Legends?


Twisted Treeline was the second classic gameplay map, featuring faster matches and an emphasis on ganking. However, the mode was removed in 2019 for the end of season nine, and there’s no sign of it coming back.

The objective of this, similar to Summoner’s Rift, was to destroy the other team’s nexus after first taking out their turrets. However, the match itself was much different. It could be said that there was no middle lane, as two lanes went around a neutral area. Imagine the Rift, but instead of the middle lane, there was just more jungle.

Teams were composed of three champions apiece, and each champion would spawn with a substantial sum of gold. The reduced map size and the accelerated level curve made for a shorter game length and higher kill scores.

Because there were fewer lanes than usual, players would find themselves getting picked off one by one. As such, being closer to teammates was the way to go. Additionally, the further players would progress, the stronger the turrets would get.

Due to there being so many walls in the neutral area, champions with the ability to teleport, go through walls, or go over walls were extremely valuable. Another really useful ability was the ability to place items that acted like wards, as the shop didn’t sell them.

Finally, one unique addition to the game, aside from the map, was the altars, which were neutral objectives that could be captured by either team. There were two altars on opposite sides, and standing on them would capture them, which would grant the team vision of that area, some gold, and some buffs, which included extra movement speed and restoration of health when killing minions.

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