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CS2 skin reportedly sells for over $1 million

CS2 skin reportedly sells for over $1 million

CS2, or Counter-Strike in general, is considered close to a global phenomenon thanks to the sheer number of people who have played it at least once in their lives. Most players who stick around do so thanks to the engaging combat and the bustling marketplace. However, how much money can someone realistically make through selling skins?

Well, according to recent reports, the sky is the limit when it comes to selling CS2 skins. After all, if what we heard is right, a CS2 skin reportedly sold for over $1 million dollars recently, raising the question of whether digital assets, especially those tied to video games, are actually the future.

Today, we dive deep into everything you need to know about this weird and frankly unheard-of sale and whether it’ll ever be replicated.

Which CS2 skin sold for $1 million?

StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened from The Arms Deal Collection in a virtual environment

The one-million-dollar skin sale, if true, marks the single biggest Counter-Strike skin transaction ever. We’re sure most fans are wondering which skin was loved so much and had so much value that someone was willing to drop an entire lifetime’s worth of savings into it.

Well, the skin that sold for $1 million was a StatTrak Factory New AK-47 Blue Gem pattern 661. Instead of the usual case-hardened name, many players in the community tend to just refer to the blue pattern as Blue Gem. After all, this specific pattern is one of the rarest patterns in CS2, and not every Case Hardened skin is a Blue Gem.

Two of the biggest skin collectors in CS2, Oliver "zipeL" Behrensdorff, and Sam "roflm0nster" Alexander were the ones who reportedly helped sell this skin. They’re also the ones who gave information on this wild deal and some other offers that the original owner was given but were turned down.

Is the StatTrak Factory AK-47 skin worth $1 million?

Digital display of a Five-Seven Case Hardened pistol from a video game

If reports are to be believed, the skin is worth even more than a million dollars. On the contrary, the original buyout for the skin was reportedly $1.5 million. Additionally, Roflm0nster stated that the $1 million dollar offer was rejected multiple times, which likely means the skin could have sold for well over the million-dollar price mark.

Now, it’s no wonder that this was the skin to sell for so much. Being one of the rarest skins ever and having the Blue Gem marking that CS2 skin collectors run after so passionately, the AK-47 skin has many players wanting it. However, not everyone has the spare cash to actually acquire it, as seen with this specific deal.

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Is the StatTrak Factory AK-47 skin the most expensive skin?

Black tactical knife with curved blade and ergonomic handle

The million-dollar StatTrak Factory AK-47 skin selling might be the biggest deal in Counter-Strike history, but it’s hard to tell if the skin is actually the most expensive skin in the series.

This confusion is because some skins have reportedly been offered to be sold for a higher price. An example of this is a special Karambit Blue Gem knife, the owner of which was reportedly offered $1.5 million dollars but the offer was turned down for some reason. Hey, if it was us we would’ve taken it in a heartbeat. 

However, since the sale didn’t go through it’s hard to confirm whether the skin actually cost that much. It wouldn’t be the first time someone was offered a high price initially but the final price ended up being much lower primarily thanks to the power of bartering and haggling.

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