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Best Valorant Aimlab Maps 2023


There are two crucial ways you can improve your gameplay in Valorant. You can either hire a professional Valorant coach from Eloking to guide you in a one on one session, or you can go through some of the many Aimlab maps to get your practice in. However, with so many different maps to choose from, many players end up a little overwhelmed.

While the best Valorant Aimlab map for you depends on what area of the game you’re trying to improve on, we’ve shortlisted five maps that are generally considered to be the best. Those maps are Valorant Microshot, Valorant Small Dot, Valorant Sixshot, Valorant Strafeshot, and Valorant Spidershot Precision.

We’ll be going through all five of these Valorant Aimlab maps as well as going in depth as to why they’re so good.

Valorant Microshot

The first Valorant Aimlab map we want to go through is Valorant Microshot. This map focuses on improving your flicking and tracking aim, two skills that are extremely important if you want to quickly take down enemies in actual matches.

This map gives you a series of small targets that you must quickly and accurately shoot, and all of these targets appear at completely different and random locations. Therefore, you need to swiftly flick your crosshair and land precise shots if you want a high score. With these small and random targets players are able to improve their hand eye coordination, reflexes, and muscle memory for fast and accurate target neutralization.

Valorant Small Dot

The second entry on this list is Valorant Small Dot. As the name suggests, this map has you  aim carefully and hit the small dots accurately to train your fine motor skills and develop a steady hand. The main goal of this specific map is to help players land headshots and other accurate shots more frequently, even if they’re far away.

If you’re someone who wants to start using sniper rifles in the game, then this map will be invaluable to you as well. Valorant Microshot is designed to enhance your tracking and precision by presenting small, stationary targets, and can improve your ability to aim precisely at small targets. This will allow you to win duels more easily, especially if they’re long range gun fight duels.

Valorant Sixshot

Reaction time has to be one of the most important factors in determining whether you’re considered a good Valorant player or not. Therefore, Valorant Sixshot is here to help you improve your reaction by having you shoot targets that appear in random locations with speed and precision.

Because the targets can appear from anywhere, players are forced to push their reflexes to the max to ensure they’re able to take out as many of them as possible. Through this, they’re able to develop their reflexes, hand speed, and target acquisition skills.

Valorant Strafeshot

If you’re one of the many players who know how to best Strafe in Valorant, then you’ll know how beneficial good strafing is in games like CS:GO. Well, what if the enemy has the same idea as you and moves around while dueling you too? Naturally, it’ll make landing precise shots significantly harder.

That’s where Valorant Strafeshot comes in. In this map, there are moving targets that simulate strafing opponents, and you need to track their movement and shoot them accurately. By frequently training on this map, you’ll be able to keep your crosshair on moving targets at all times to ensure you’re able to land shots regardless of whether or not they’re moving.

Valorant Spidershot Precision

What do you get when you mix Valorant Microshot’s tiny targets with Valorant Sixshot’s randomness? You get Valorant Spidershot Precision, that’s what. Small targets spawn on this map in a completely random fashion, and it’s up to you to push your reflexes and flicking abilities to the max if you want to get a good score.

This map is designed to develop your flicking and tracking aim with small, moving targets so that you can mimic what you do here with actual players in actual Valorant matches.

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