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4 Best Camping Spots in CS:GO


Camping is one of the most important mechanics in CS:GO, especially if you’re playing T side. Not only does it enable you to catch the enemy by surprise and potentially get some easy kills, but you’re also able to defend your assigned bomb site at the same time. However, not every spot on every map is ideal for camping.

While there are many good camping spots, we’re here to go through eight of the very best ones. To be more specific, we’ll be going through 2 camping spots for four different maps. Those maps are Inferno, Dust II, Overpass, and Mirage.

Sit back, grab a snack, and relax because you’re about to find out what some of the best camping spots in CS:GO are. The next time you use any of them, the enemy won’t even see you coming.

Dust II

The first map we want to go through is Dust II. After all, it’s one of the most popular maps in the game, and as such, it has various good camping spots. We wanted to highlight two of those camping spots.

The first camping spot is called “A Site Goose”. Just from the name, we’re sure most of you can determine just where this spot is. This spot has players crouch behind the wooden crate near the Goose. This way, not only are they hidden from most attacking spots, but they’re also able to defend A site effectively.

The second camping spot is “CT Spawn Car” which is located near the CT spawn area. From this position, players can cover multiple angles and surprise enemies attempting to enter the bomb site. You should also be able to utilize this area when playing eco rounds if you want to eco better in CS:GO.


Mirage is also a map that offers various camping spots that players can utilize. The first of the two spots we want to highlight is called the “Palace Balcony” which is a very powerful position on the CT side. After all, from this vantage point, players can control the palace entrance and observe enemy movements towards the A bombsite. Learn how to get better at using the AWP and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

The second spot we want to highlight is the "Van" on the B bombsite. Positioned behind the van, players can watch the apartments and effectively defend the bomb site. As many of you must have noticed, both of these sites allow you to hold key positions on the map.


The first highly effective camping spot found on the Inferno map is called the “Pit”. Positioned within the pit area, players can utilize the wall and the fountain as cover while defending the site. Not only does it provide a strong defensive position but also offers a clear line of sight towards the apartments and the entrance to the A bombsite.

The second spot, meanwhile, is the “Balcony”. Located on the upper floor of the B building, players can overlook the B bombsite and the surrounding areas. This spot enables players to gather vital information about enemy movements, callouts, and potential threats. Additionally, it allows for quick rotations to support teammates defending the bombsite or to assist in retaking the site if necessary.


One prominent camping spot on the Overpass map is in the "Bathrooms" on the CT side. Players can position themselves behind the walls and use the boxes for additional protection. This particular spot gives players a major advantageous field of view, allowing them to spot enemies and provide crucial information to their teammates.

Another effective camping spot on Overpass map is the "Connector" area. Situated between the two bomb sites, the Connector allows players to watch over both sites and quickly rotate to provide support where needed. This spot is particularly useful for gathering information about enemy movements, identifying potential threats, and coordinating strategic plays with teammates.

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