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How to Eco Better in CS:GO


Economic management is a crucial aspect of CS:GO that can significantly impact your team's success. Properly executing economic rounds, also known as "eco rounds," can turn the tide of a match and help you regain control even when faced with a financial disadvantage. However, not everyone is able to pull these rounds off successfully.

To eco better in CS:GO, there are five key things you should do. Firstly, it’s important that you realize the significance of eco rounds in this game. Then, you should master team coordination and do your best to make the most of both utilities and pistol rounds. Finally, know when to force buy or save depending on the match’s circumstances.

We’ll be going through all five of these tips to ensure you’re able to eco better in CS:GO.

Understand the Purpose of Eco Rounds

The first thing you have to do is to understand the importance and purpose of eco rounds in CS:GO. Now, eco rounds occur when a team has limited funds to invest in weapons, armor, and utility. Instead of spending heavily on equipment, players opt for a conservative approach to save money for future rounds. 

The primary objective of eco rounds is to inflict economic damage on the opposing team while minimizing losses on your own side. Although you may lack firepower, smart decision making and coordinated plays can still lead to favorable outcomes in the round after. 

Communicate and Coordinate

Effective communication and team coordination are crucial during eco rounds. Ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page regarding the strategy and objectives for the round. You can do this by discussing beforehand whether it's better to focus on rushing a bombsite together, setting up a crossfire, or attempting sneaky flanks. 

By synchronizing your actions, you can catch opponents off guard and create opportunities for success. Remember to maintain clear and concise callouts throughout the round to maximize your team's understanding of the situation.

Utilize Pistol Rounds to Your Advantage

Pistol rounds are a crucial part of eco rounds, as they can provide an opportunity to secure an early advantage without having to spend much. Spend time practicing and mastering pistol aim and movement to increase your chances of success. It’ll be easier for you if you use the best graphicscrosshair, and sensitivity settings while you’re at it.

Opt for cost-effective pistols such as the P250 or CZ75-Auto, which can be deadly in the hands of a skilled player. Consider adopting aggressive strategies or surprise tactics to catch opponents off guard during pistol rounds, as this can give your team an early economic advantage. No one would expect a team to use only pistols and actually be good at using them, right?

Use Utilities Effectively

While your arsenal may be limited, smart utilization of utility can turn the tide in eco rounds. Prioritize utility that can disrupt the enemy's positioning or delay their push, such as flashbangs and smoke grenades. 

Flashbangs can blind opponents, providing you with an opportunity to land crucial shots. On the other hand, smokes can create temporary barriers, allowing you to isolate and overwhelm individual opponents and pick them off one by one. Of course, the smoke mechanics are a little different in CS2, but they work the same more or less.

By using utility strategically, you can level the playing field and create advantageous situations for your team, even if you don’t have the expensive weapons the enemy team does.

Decide Between Force Buying and Saving

Sometimes, it may be tempting to force buy in eco rounds to regain control. However, it's essential to assess the overall economy of your team and the potential impact on future rounds. After all, while force buying can catch opponents off guard, it can also lead to long term financial instability if unsuccessful. What’s worse is that the said financial instability might spell a certain loss for your team.

Evaluate the risk and reward carefully before making a decision. Additionally, consider saving money in specific rounds to have a more robust buy in subsequent rounds. We say this because building a stronger economy over time can significantly increase your team's chances of success.

All in all, it really depends on how the match is going, how everyone on your team and the enemy team is playing, and whether it’s worth taking the financial risk of force buying to surprise win a round, or if you should force save and gain a financial advantage in future rounds.

What’s next?

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