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Best Graphics Settings For CS2 (2023)


Counter Strike 2 is finally out, and players can’t wait to download and play it. However, one major issue a lot of players have with it is that because of the new smoke mechanics in the game, a lot of players are facing frequent FPS drops. Luckily, adjusting the graphic settings should fix this.

There aren’t any BEST graphic settings for CS2, as what fits you really depends on the specifications of your device. However, there are settings that a majority of payers consider to be the best and that’s what we’ll be focusing on today.

Below you’ll find information on how to find the best graphics settings for CS2 for your device, as well as what the accepted best settings are.

How To Find the Best Graphic Settings For CS2

Now, as mentioned above, the best graphics settings for CS2 honestly boil down to several factors depending on your system specifications and personal preferences. There are, however, several key points we can go through to help you better adjust your settings.

Adjust your resolution

Adjusting the resolution is honestly a double edged sword for most computers. Although reducing it does increase your FPS by a significant margin, it also makes the game look more blurry and less detailed. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big disadvantage in a game like CS2 which relies heavily on reacting quickly to unpredictable things.

Because of this, more often than not, players just go for their monitor’s resolution since that’s the best middle ground. However, if you face FPS drops or stuttering at random points of the game, then you should consider reducing your resolution.

Adjust your graphics settings

When we say graphics settings, we mean settings such as texture quality, shader detail, and shadow quality. Although lowering these settings can improve your FPS, they may also result in less detailed graphics and therefore less enjoyment/clarity when playing a match. 

While global shadow quality, model/texture detail, effect detail, and shader detail are all settings that make the game look better for you, when disabled, they might lead to your game’s experience being smoother especially if you have a computer that isn’t all that powerful.

Experiment with different settings to find a good balance between performance and visuals. Your game should play well all the while looking good enough and not like a cluster of pixels on your screen. 

Disable unnecessary settings

Some settings, like vertical sync, can impact performance without providing significant visual benefits. Now, vertical sync is something that’s completely dependent on your monitor. Although disabling it might cause your input lag to be less, it might also cause screen tearing if your FPS is not in sync with your refresh rate.

Consider disabling these types of settings to improve your FPS, especially if you don’t see a noticeable difference in the visuals when they’re disabled compared to when they’re enabled.

Optimize your video card settings

If you have an NVIDIA or AMD video card, you can use their respective control panels to optimize your settings for CS2. This can include adjusting anti aliasing, texture filtering, and other settings specific to your video card. 

Use FPS limiting 

Finally, limiting your FPS can help reduce input lag and improve overall game performance. This is because the game will always stop at a specific FPS cap instead of going as high as possible. This brings a sense of stability and stops the system from overworking itself.

What Are the Best Graphic Settings For CS2

With that all being said and done, we said we would be going through some of the graphics settings that a majority of players agree as being the best, and that’s what we’re doing now.


What you should set it as


Same as your monitor

Aspect Ratio

Same as your monitor

Refresh Rate

Same as your monitor

Global Shadow Quality

Low or Medium (can set high if your specs are really good)

Model/Texture Details

Low or Medium (can set high if your specs are really good)

Effects Details


Shader Details


Multicore Rendering

Enable only if you have a multicore processor

Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode


FXAA Anti-Aliasing


Texture Filtering Mode


Wait For Vertical Sync


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