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Which Support Should You Main In Overwatch 2

Which Support Should You Main In Overwatch 2

The cast of playable heroes is so large and diverse that newcomers might find themselves very easily overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities presented to them as soon as they install the game. When it comes to a role such as support especially, it's very important that you main a support hero that compliments your playstyle.

There are 4 support heroes that you should play depending on what you want to prioritize. Mercy is very good if you just want to prioritize healing your teammates. Ana is used for providing additional support to teammates in the form of sleep darts and boosts. Moira is great for players that want to deal significant damage to the enemy in addition to healing teammates, and Lucio is for those who want to do their own thing while still being able to heal everyone at once.

We'll be going through the four best support heroes to main in Overwatch 2, as well as what type of playstyles compliment them the most so you're able to decide the best one for yourself.


Female warrior in futuristic armor holding a large rifleThe first support on this list just has to be Mercy. After all, she's the most popular and most recognizable support in the entire game. If you've played Mercy even once, then you'll know that she isn't all that good when it comes to damaging the enemy herself.

However, what she does excel at is purely supporting her teammates, may that be by deploying a stream of yellow light that constantly heals the enemy or a stream of blue light that gives the teammates a damage boost.

Pair that up with her other two abilities, the first of which makes her fly toward the targeted teammate and the second that revives a downed teammate, and you've got yourself one of the best support heroes in the game. You should definitey main her if you're someone who likes to focus on doing only one thing at one time instead of having to multitask.

One thing to keep in mind is that with Mercy you won't have much damaging potential of your own. She does have a pistol you can use if you find yourself cornered, but pretty much every hero can beat you in a 1v1.


Female warrior from a video game posing in a courtyardIf Mercy's recommended for players who want to focus only on supporting their teammates by either healing them or increasing their damage, Ana is loved by those who want to support their teammates in other ways as well.

We are, of course, talking about Ana's infamous sleep dart ability that instantly makes whatever enemy gets hit by it fall asleep. This stuns that enemy, making them open to attacks by your teammates.

Of course, if you want to deal damage yourself, then you're welcome to do that as well, since Ana has a rifle that's capable of dealing some heavy damage, especially with some well placed headshots. Not all of her abilities require you to aim well, as her biotic grenade ability throws a grenade that explodes and provides healing to teammates, all the while damaging and preventing healing on enemies. Use this properly and you'll essentially be able to deny an enemy healing.

Of course, seeing as how Ana's a support at the end of the day it's a must for her ultimate to be a support based one as well. By using her ultimate nano boost, the targetted teammate has their damage increased all the while reducing damage taken. This can lead to some insane combos, especially with heroes like Reinhardt and Dooomfist.

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Female warrior with technological armor manipulating magic orbsAre you a player who doesn't usually like playing support, but ends up playing it if you're forced to? Well, do we have the perfect support hero for you to main. If you've been on the internet then chances are you've seen memes of Moira mains having more damage than the DPS at times, and we're here to tell you those memes are absolutely correct.

The thing about Moira is that kind of like Mercy, if you pick Moira you'll have the option to do one of two things. The first is to heal, while the second is to deal constant damage to enemies. This, in addition to the fact that Moira's other abilities allow her to either deal damage/heal teammates from afar using her orbs, or disappear and reappear after a small moment of invulnerability allows you to not have to even get close to the enemy. Or your teammates for that matter.

Of course, if you ever find the distance to be too much you can always use Moira's ultimate, which fires a beam of energy that heals any teammate it comes in contact with or damages any enemy it touches. Jack of all trades if we do say so ourselves.

This situational hero is perfect for those who want to heal players when the situation calls it, but be able to switch to dealing some major damage if that's what the team needs for that match.


Hero zooming through a vibrant game world on rollerbladesNot much to say about Lucio, honestly. He's the best support for you if you want to passively heal enemies with the press of a button. All you have to do is switch from buff mode to heal mode and anyone that comes close to you will be passively healed.

While your teammates are getting buffed or healed, you can also use your sonic amplifying gun to blast enemies away. There's nothing more satisfying than dropping an enemy outside of the map with a well placed sonic blast. Of course, if you ever need a quick escape you can always take advantage of Lucio's wall riding ability.

Finally, his ultimate temporarily creates extra health for every teammate near you. So you can probably imagine how useful the ability is, especially for a final desperate push near the end of a match.

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