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Overwatch 2: How to Level Up Your Battle Pass Fast

Overwatch 2: How to Level Up Your Battle Pass Fast

Overwatch 2 may have had its fair share of struggles over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is that the battle pass continues to being amazing hero skins and other rewards. However, it can be a pain to level up your battle pass, especially when you don't know the best ways of quickly getting experience for it.

Now, of course, the best way of leveling up your battle pass is by playing as many matches as you can. However, what many players don't know is that you can also complete daily, weekly, and even seasonal challenges to get a high amount of experience for your battle pass. Finally, event challenges can also bring some major battle pass leveling up potential.

We'll be going through everything you need to know about leveling up your Overwatch 2 battle pass quickly.

Play Matches

VICTORY screen in a first-person shooter game with achievement unlocked notification

Hey, how could we go through the ways of leveling up your battle pass without mentioning the most reliable one first? Playing matches has been proven to be the most consistent way of leveling up your battle pass, especially since there's no limit to how much experience you can get.

With that being said, the amount of experience you actually get is rather minimal, so you can't rely on it too much, To be more specific:

Although this definitely isn't the fastest way of leveling up your battle pass, as long as you have fun and play matches with your friends, you'll be able to gather up a good amount of XP in no time at all. Hey, bonus points if you use some of the best team comps for 2023 in Overwatch 2 while you're at it.

Complete Daily Challenges

Screenshot of daily challenges in a gaming interface with various tasks and rewards listed.

The next way of leveling up your battle pass we want to highlight is completing daily challenges. As the name suggests, daily challenges are challenges that refresh every 24 hours, so you only have a minimum amount of time to complete them.

Now, there are six daily challenges that get added every day. However, you only get the bonus XP for completing three of them. Therefore, we recommend every day you log in, you identify three daily challenges that you know you can complete, and then get to complete them. With that being done, you should start focusing on the other challenges until the next time the challenges refresh so you can repeat the cycle.

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Complete Weekly Challenges

Screenshot of weekly challenges in a video game interface showing progress and rewards

What's a step above daily challenges? Weekly challenges of course. Overwatch players get a total of 11 weekly challenges to smash. What's more, is that each one rewards the user with 5,000 XP. This means that players can potentially get a grand total of 55,000 XP for successfully completing them each week in the game.

With that being said, weekly challenges are significantly more tedious to complete than daily challenges. Therefore, we highly recommend you start working on them as soon as you can to ensure you complete as many as you can by the time the week ends.

As a bonus, you will also earn some Overwatch Coins for completing four, eight, and 11 weekly challenges. While these won't help your battle pass level but are still nice extras for your trouble.

Take Advantage of Double XP Events

Lucio from Overwatch 2 jumping with excitement on Double Match XP promotional image

Every now and then, Overwatch 2 runs a double XP event which does exactly what it sounds like. It gives you double XP for your troubles. We HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of these events every time they come around.

Because they're usually announced a couple of days before they start, we also recommend you keep a lookout on the forums and social media pages related to Overwatch 2. As soon as you find out a double XP event is about to happen, you should start playing as many regular matches as you can. This way, hopefully, you get to take advantage of the double XP event from that side too. The more the better, don't you agree?

Complete Seasonal and Event Challenges

Screenshot of video game season challenge interface

Finally, the last types of events you should definitely complete if you want to level up your battle pass quickly are seasonal and event challenges. The thing about both of these events, however, is that they take a good while to complete, because of which we suggest you try to progress in multiple challenges at the same time.

Seasonal challenges might take the entire season to complete, but they really don't give you as much experience as you might hope. Event challenges, on the other hand, are goldmines when it comes to leveling up your battle pass because of the insanely high amount of experience so many of them give.

Take the Mischief and Magic event from season 5 as an example. While the event hasn't come out at the time of writing this article, we already have a lot of news regarding it. This event will present players with one set of Event challenges called Mischief and Magic Event Challenges, where players can obtain up to 50,000 Battle Pass XP.

Buy the Battle Pass

Fantasy game map showing various locations such as Ancient Woods and Rubyriver's Inn

Hey, you wanted fast ways to level up your Overwatch 2 battle pass, not free ways. While most players might not want to invest in a free game's battle pass, the option to do so is nevertheless still there.

What's more, is that several battle passes also have unique missions or event challenges that you can complete only if you purchase them. Take the season 5 battle pass as an example. If you purchase it, you get access to revamped Battle Pass Key Quests. Players that complete 5 Key Quests during Season 5's duration have the potential to get up to 20,000 XP.

What’s next?

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