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How to See How Much Time You Have Spent on League Of Legends?

How to See How Much Time You Have Spent on League Of Legends?

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has become one of the biggest MOBA games ever, with a massive player base exceeding over 150 million people. If you play league, the chances are you have spent a ridiculous amount of time grinding your ranks and getting good at the game, whether polishing your skills, perfecting your strategies, or simply just having fun. The time you spend in-game plays a huge role in shaping your experience and contributing to your progress.

It is important, however, to keep track of the amount of time you spend on the league, as immersive as the game is, it can be quite addicting as well. Whether you want to monitor your in-game time, set a personal record for the number of hours you spend, or simply want to know it just for the sake of it, well dont worry, as in this article we will be providing a comprehensive guide on the ways you can monitor your exact gameplay time on League of Legends. 

So, keep reading if you want to learn how you can see how much time you've spent playing the popular MOBA League of Legends. If you want to make the next couple of games you play worth it, we recommend you hire a professional-level player from Eloking. You can even use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

Details about your gameplay time on League of Legends

How to See How Much Time You Have Spent on League Of Legends? - Image 1

Before we get into how to check your exact time spent on League of Legends, it is important to clear up a few things and educate you on a few details about your gameplay time that you should be mindful of before checking, to avoid any confusion.

Firstly, your gameplay time can only be checked for the current season in-game. If you are someone who wants to know their total playtime across all seasons, there isn't an official way of doing that. 

This is because storing and retrieving large amounts of historical data for every player across multiple seasons can put a significant strain on the game servers and client performance. Focusing on the current season allows for more efficient data management and a smoother user experience with the client. 

Method number one 

How to See How Much Time You Have Spent on League Of Legends? - Image 2

For the first method, firstly open the game and log in. After getting to the main menu, go to the 'stats' tab on the far right. Below on the left, you will see the number of games played, and below that, the time played, which will be given in days. 

Of course, this is for the current season only, so if you want to keep track of exactly how much time you spent in total for the whole season, make sure to check your time before the season ends. Also, be sure to note it down as it will reset when the next season rolls around.

Method number two 

The second method involves the use of unofficial third-party websites. Multiple websites allow you to do this, the one we will cover is After going to the website, you will see an option to select your region. Select according to what your region is. Then, type your summoner's name and click the button below. 

This will redirect you to a page where it will show you how many hours you have played League of Legends on your account. The website will also show you your current level, and your time will be displayed in both minutes and days. It will also provide you with a ranking, both global and regional. 

Will we ever be able to see our past season's stats?

As of now, it's hard to say what new features or changes Riot Games may bring to the game. While we cannot look at our play time for the past seasons as of now, there is always the possibility they could implement this feature in the future.

If they do plan on doing so, it would require careful consideration of several factors such as their server capacity, data storage, and most importantly, performance optimization. As the game evolves and the preferences of players change, it's possible Riot may consider giving players access to their historical data such as playtime for older seasons.

What’s next?

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