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League of Legends: How to solo the Baron in the first 15 minutes

League of Legends: How to solo the Baron in the first 15 minutes

Defeating the Baron is one of the best ways of turning a match around in your favor in League of Legends. However, the quicker you do so the better it is as you can take more advantage of the Baron’s buff while the enemy champions are low in items and level. Unfortunately, defeating the Baron in the first 15 minutes is much easier said than done.

Here, we’re here to go through tips and tricks you can apply to solo the Baron in the first 15 minutes of a game. Using them, you’ll be able to get a competitive advantage against the enemy without having to risk letting the other team steal the Baron from under your nose.

So, without further ado, here’s how you can solo the Baron in the first 15 minutes. One tip we haven’t mentioned but is self-explanatory is that you should have a good teammate or two. Fortunately, you can always hire a professional LoL teammate from Eloking by using the code “BoostToday” for a cool 20% discount.

Why try to solo Baron at 15 minutes into the game?

Fantasy scene with a warrior facing a giant sea serpent

Soloing Baron alone is a high-risk, high-reward play, so if you thought it was gonna be a walk in the park, you might want to reconsider. However, if you manage to pull it off, you'll be given an insane amount of benefits and rewards that are sure to propel your team to victory. So if you’re confident enough in your abilities, we suggest you give it a try.

Baron gives a great amount of enhancements to your attack damage, recall, and minion waves. This will result in your team’s power being pushed to new heights. These buffs also make it super easy to secure objectives like turrets and inhibitors, while making it easier to push other Barons and Dragons. Not to mention, your team will have the upper hand during teamfights, resulting in more successful engagements with the enemy and increasing your overall chance of victory.  

It should also be noted that since you’re attempting this at such an early stage of the game, the risk only increases, but so does the reward. If you defeat Baron early, it'll benefit you with the element of surprise. This allows you to catch the enemy off guard, putting your team in a commanding position, as well as ensuring early-game objective control.

How do you solo Baron 15 minutes into the game?

A knight battling a giant monster in a mystical game environment

Here are a handful of tips you can use to hopefully solo Baron in the first 15 minutes of the game.

Champion and itemization

To solo Baron, you'll need a champion with high sustain, good damage output, as well as crowd-control abilities. A champion like Master Yi or Warwick will be perfect for that use, as they can dish out the pain while keeping themselves in the fight. 

As for items, ideally, you’d prefer going with something like Blade of the Ruined King, Bloodthirster, and Ravenous Hydra for sustain. To lay down maximum damage, go with Guinsoo’s Rageblade or Kraken Slayer. These items will keep you swinging and healing.

Awareness of enemy location and timing 

Mystical purple creature with horns and glowing eyes in fantasy game environment

Since you’ll be so focused on Baron, there won’t be any time to focus on the enemy. So, make sure that the area around Baron is guarded and clear of any enemy champions or minions. That way, you won't get jumped while you’re cozying up to Baron. 

Moreover, don't engage with Baron unless you’re sure that the enemy team also has their hands full with something else, such as a team fight, or some objective like Dragon. To make things easier, always keep an eye on the minimap. If you see the enemy team making its way towards you, it might be time to bail out. 

Battle Strategy 

Now that you’ve made sure that it is safe to attack Baron, it's go-time. Firstly, pull Baron out of its pit, as this will reduce the damage it dishes out. Then, it's all about dishing out your own damage while avoiding death. Utilize your champion’s abilities and items to chomp away at Baron’s health bar. Keep at it until you defeat it, and then enjoy your rewards. 

As this is not an easy task by any means, don't be discouraged if you fail after the first couple of tries. Take your time, keep improving your strategy, and focus on throwing as much damage Baron's way as you can. And that wraps it up, Good luck!

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Is it possible to defeat Baron alone?

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to defeat Baron alone, you should know it'll be far from easy. If you want to defeat Baron, you'll need a few useful tips and tricks and some specific advice regarding your approach. This will include your strategy, choice of champion, and any itemization. 

What’s next?

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