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Overwatch 2 Best 1v1 Arena Codes


Overwatch 2 might primarily be a five vs five game. However, sometimes you might want to settle things the old fashioned way with a 1v1. Several Overwatch 2 players understand this, and that’s exactly why there are so many different 1v1 arena codes you can use. Unfortunately, not all of them are good, but that’s where we come in.

Out of all the different Overwatch 2 1v1 arena codes, we have shortlisted the five best ones. These range from a Widowmaker only 1v1 match code, to an arena code that has a custom map you can play on. Naturally, we’ll also be going through each of these codes in detail to ensure you understand just why they’re so good.

If some good 1v1 Overwatch 2 arena codes are what you’re looking for to settle some beef the old fashioned way, then we got you.

How to Use Arena Codes in Overwatch 2

Naturally, before anything, it's crucial that you know just how to enter arena codes in Overwatch 2. To use an arena code in Overwatch 2, you have to:

  1. Launch Overwatch 2.
  2. Head to ‘Play’.
  3. Locate “Custom Games” and click it.
  4. Click the orange “Create” button near the top right of your screen and then go to “Settings”.
  5. Under “Summary”, you’ll find a button with an arrow pointing down called “Import Code”.
  6. Click that and copy/paste one of the codes below.
  7. Press “OK”.

Widowmaker 1v1

Code: 65FZY

The first 1v1 arena code we want to highlight in this article is the one where both players are forced to play as the same hero. Which hero, you ask? The only one who can let players relive their old Call of Duty 1v1 sniper only days, of course. Widowmaker.

This 1v1 is all about sheer skill with the sniper. No sneaky abilities or ultimates that can do devastating damage. Instead, players will have to grapple around the map all the while trying to land that one decisive shot on the other player. Naturally, this arena game mode also has some modified settings and features that enhance the sniper experience for Overwatch 2 players.

Workshop Island 1v1

Code: 6CZDA

Up next is a code that creates a 1v1 game in the Workshop Island map. If you’ve been on this map before then you’ll know that there’s nowhere to hide if you’re playing on Worshop Island. With that said, there are some heroes who have an insane advantage in this specific map because of their abilities and move set being deadly for open areas.

Want to change that? Well, in that case, you can also apply your own personalized settings to make the 1v1 even more fun. For example, you can make it so players HAVE to play Tracer, or that some heroes like Pharah can’t be chosen at all. Make this game mode tailored to your own personal requirements to ensure you’re able to enjoy the 1v1 as much as possible.

Black Forest Arena 1v1

Code: LTM5P

Are you tired of playing on the same couple of maps and want to switch things up for your fated 1v1 match? Well, then might we introduce you to the code that creates a 1v1 arena game in a completely custom map called Black Forest Arena? Some of you might recognize this map as the one that's very frequently featured in some elimination game modes like the 3v3 elimination mode.

So, how does this map work? Well, for starters, the map is significantly smaller than most of the other maps featured in these types of matches. Additionally, there are several platforms and hiding spots players can utilize to ensure they're able to catch the enemy by surprise. But hey, that's to be expected from a map named Black Forest, right?

Tracer 1v1

Code: 6EGNW

If you ask someone who hasn’t ever played Overwatch 2 before who the most recognizable character in the game is, chances are most people will say Tracer. When you take this into consideration, it's not a surprise that the 1v1 arena code that creates a map where both players have to play Tracer is one of the best 1v1 Overwatch 2 arena codes.

We probably don't have to explain how the 1v1 works, right? After all, it's Tracer. Both players zoom around the map all the while trying to ensure their already fickle health doesn't go any lower. Recalls have to be used scarcely because the Tracer who gets caught without one is sure to get one more death added to their K/D/A. You better start learning how to counter Tracer in Overwatch 2 from now or you might regret it later.

Mirrored 1v1


Do you want to make the 1v1 between you and your beefing counterpart as fair as possible? Well, then the best 1v1 arena code to use will be the one that creates a game where both players have the same hero. Things can't be fairer than this, now can they? Well, unless someone gets a hero that they main but the other player hasn't ever played. What are the chances of that happening?

Frequent Overwatch 2 arcade game players might recognize this game mode as being one that is frequently featured in the arcade section of the game. This arena game focuses on individual skill and strategy instead of which hero is able to counter the other. We recommend you take out some self healing tanks like Roadhog though, because a Roadhog vs Roadhog 1v1 might never end.

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