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Tanks Overwatch 2: Tanks: What Are Main Tanks and Off Tanks in Overwatch 2?

Every hero in Overwatch 2 has a predetermined role they’re supposed to play as. One of the three available roles is the role of tank. Tank heroes are designed to absorb damage, create space, and protect their team members. They have high health pools and defensive abilities that allow them to survive longer in combat and draw enemy fire away from their allies.

As is to be expected, tanks play a huge role in an Overwatch 2 match, as without them the other heroes wouldn’t get the opportunity to do their jobs. Every tank hero in Overwatch 2 has its unique strengths and weaknesses, and players must learn to use them effectively in different situations. A balanced team composition typically includes at least one tank hero to protect and create space for their teammates.

However, with the launch of Overwatch 2, the meta was flipped upside down, and players started going with three tanks with two supports. As you can imagine, this made it very difficult to take them down.

What Are the Types of Tanks

Although there are generally various different classifications of tanks, they all boil down to two types. Those types are main tanks and off tanks.

Main Tanks are heroes whose primary job is to put down barriers, protect their teammates from damage, and create space between the enemy. These heroes are like anchor characters that have shields that work as cover as their main ability. These heroes include Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa, and Sigma. Main Tanks have the most health, because of which they’re almost always found in front of the team.

Off tanks, meanwhile, are tanks that have a mix of defensive and offensive capabilities. These tanks can deal significant damage while also providing some degree of protection to their teammates all the while also having significant health for themselves. Off tank heroes often flank enemies and disrupt their formations, creating opportunities for their team to advance. Examples of off-tanks in Overwatch 2 include D.Va, Wrecking Ball, and Zarya.

Who Are Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2

All the tank heroes in Overwatch 2 currently are:

  1. D.Va
  2. Orissa
  3. Winston
  4. Sigma
  5. Reinhardt
  6. Wrecking Ball
  7. Roadhog
  8. Zarya
  9. Junker Queen
  10. Doomfist
  11. Ramattra

Of course, new heroes are constantly being added to Overwatch 2, so don’t be surprised if you see this list grow in the near future.

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