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Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked

Although we all know that golden guns don't really do anything to affect your gameplay and they're extremely costly, there's something satisfying about getting a play of the game with a character you have golden guns unlocked for. However, it is exactly because of their high cost that players might be a little confused when deciding on which heroes they should unlock the golden guns for.

There are several heroes who have golden guns that just aren't worth it. However, some characters like Ashe, Junker Queen, Genji, and Roadhog have golden guns that we would 100% recommend you unlock as long as you play any of these characters.

We'll be ranking some of the best golden guns for heroes so that you can decide for yourself whether or not they're worth the price.

#7: Genji

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked - Image 1

Now, we're sure a bunch of you are surprised not to see Genji at least in the top 3, but hear us out. Although Genji's golden katana looks really good, the fact of the matter is that more often than not, you the enemy players won't even be seeing the sword properly.

Let's take his abilities into account, for example. His ultimate has his katana get engulfed by a green dragon, because of which the golden color practically makes no difference. Additionally, his deflection ability and his dashing ability both make either Genji or his katana move so fast that the color is barely visible.

Of course, this isn't to say the golden katana of Genji is bad. On the contrary, it's much better than more than half of the roster of heroes, but when faced against the other heroes on this list not even the dragon that becomes you is enough to win.

#6: Zarya

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked - Image 2

Zarya's huge golden gun really blends in perfectly with a majority of her skins. Because of this, and the fact that her weapon is literally almost impossible to miss, we had no choice but to give her a high spot on this list.

Finally, take into account that all of Zarya's abilities utilize this specific gun in one way or another. May it be firing the basic laser beam from the gun, or using her ultimate gravitational pull blast that also gets fired from this exact gun. If you ask us, it deserves to get the golden treatment for being such an important asset.

#5: Reinhardt

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked - Image 3

Reinhardt has a giant rocket hammer, and by unlocking his golden gun it becomes a GOLDEN giant rocket hammer. Do we even have to explain why he's on this list? There's nothing scarier than seeing a giant golden hammer coming down on you or swinging toward you.

Of course, there's always room for improvement, and in Reinhardt's case, the improvement would have been if his shield would have gotten the golden treatment as well. After all, the enemy usually spends more time looking at his shield than they look at his hammer. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, and because of that, we couldn't possibly put him higher on the list.

#4: Brigette

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked - Image 4

Remember how we said Reinhardt's shield should have gotten the golden treatment as well? Well, Brigette is one such character that reflects what Reinhardt could have been. I mean just look at that golden shield shining. Since Brigette, like Reinhardt, usually spends most of the match with her shield in front of her face, it only makes sense for it to go gold when unlocking her golden gun.

What did you say? There's more? It seems that someone at Blizzard really likes Brigette because not only does her shield get the golden treatment, but so does her flail. What this means is that regardless of whether your playstyle revolves around defending or attacking, you can be sure the enemy will KNOW you have Brigette's golden gun unlocked. If you're wondering which support to main then this might be a deciding factor.

#3: Doomfist

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked - Image 5

Have you ever seen the Golden Globe Award? Well, there's a running joke in the Overwatch 2 community that unlocking the golden gun for Doomfist just turns his hand into the Golden Globe and now we can't unsee it.

Of course, that isn't to say the golden gun skin doesn't look good. On the contrary, not only does the golden color stick out because of the size of Doomfist's hand cannon, but because of the typical color scheme of his various equippable skins, the color is able to shine even more making Doomfist's golden gun skin more than worth it.

#2: Junker Queen

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked - Image 6

Junker Queen might be a newer addition to the game's hero roster when compared to the other entries on this list, but her golden weapon design has more than earned her a spot on this list. After all, why shouldn't it? Since it seems as though Junker Queen benefits from her golden gun skin the most

Don't get what we mean? Okay, so what weapons does Junket Queen use? Of course, there's her trusty axe, her blade, and the weapon we see the most, the shotgun. Well, what if we told you ALL THREE of them got the golden skin treatment when we purchase Junker Queen's golden gun skin?

That's right, so it doesn't matter what weapon of hers you prefer to use or what your play style is. If you unlock her golden weapon skin, everyone in the game will be knowing that you're a force to be reckoned with. That's how having the golden skin unlocked works, right?

#1: Ashe

Overwatch 2: Seven Best Golden Guns Ranked - Image 7

We only have to say two words and we're positive most of you will instantly understand why Ashe is number one on the list. Ready? Okay, those two words are ''Golden. Bob''. Yeah, if you're looking for the 3 best tips to climb as a DPS Ashe just by hearing this then we don't blame you at all.

That's right, in addition to Ashe's primary weapon, coach gun, and even her dynamite getting the golden gun treatment, her most trustworthy companion who spawns when we use her ultimate ability, B.O.B (or as we like to call him, Bob) also gets a completely golden skin.

Imagine you're playing a game of Overwatch 2 when you hear ''Bob! Do, Something!'' and suddenly there's a huge golden robot shooting at you. We don't know about you, but for us that would be one heck of a way to go.

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