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How to Counter Tracer in Overwatch 2


If you asked someone who hasn’t ever played Overwatch to name at least one of the characters from the game, nine out of ten people will say Tracer. After all, along with being considered the face of Overwatch, the speeding DPS is also the most recognizable Overwatch heroes. However, going up against her in an actual match of the game is a completely different struggle.

To counter Tracer in Overwatch 2, there are five major things you have to keep in find. Staying together with your team and having their support are both very important, all the while predicting Tracer’s moves. If you deny the enemy Tracer health packs and area, then you’ll also find yourself having an easier time dealing with her.

We’ll be going in depth regarding how you can counter the speeding hero in Overwatch 2 so you can stop getting that feeling of deja vu.

Stay Together

The best way Tracer deals with enemy heroes is by picking them off one at a time after isolating them from the rest of their team. Well, this is one thing you should never let the enemy Tracer do if you come across one in a match.

Instead, you should try to stick together with your team, all the while being well coordinated. By doing this, you’ll find that Tracer’s effectiveness will decrease by a huge margin since your team will be able to cover more directions and prepare better or Tracer’s unpredictable movements.

Additionally, since Tracer isn’t able to deal too much damage alone, giving her more targets will make it more difficult for her to take anyone out. Just be careful of her ultimate, since if you have too many squishy heroes grouped up together then you might find yourself getting eradicated by an unexpected pulse bomb.

Support Each Other

Staying together isn’t the only thing a team has to do to counter Tracer. To make it MUCH easier, the teammates should also support each other. Utilize abilities like Cassidy’s grenade and other crowd controlling abilities to stop Tracer in her tracks and take her down. You can also learn how to best wall ride as Lucio to be as unpredictable as Tracer.

Mei's freezing ability can halt Tracer's movement and give the team an opportunity to eliminate her. Brigitte's stun ability and whip shot can disrupt Tracer's movements and keep her at bay. Roadhog's hook can instantly pull Tracer out of position and into a dangerous spot. Basically, with more heroes working together to target Tracer, the team will have a much better time countering her.

Predict Her Movements

The biggest reason Tracer’s so hard to hit is her Blink ability. Of course, she has her recall as well, but because of its cooldown, it isn’t likely to be too much of a problem. Therefore, if you want to hit Tracer with your shots, it’s crucial that you accurately predict her movements. It might seem impossible to do so at first, but we promise it isn’t as hard as it looks.

Now, there are two things you have to do if you want to predict a Tracer’s movements. The first thing is to have good aim, and the second is to have practice. Lots of it. Naturally, it’s much easier to hit a Tracer if the hero you’re using is someone with a rapid fire weapon. However, there are some signs to look out for that will allow heroes like Reaper to hit her too.

For example, a very common habit Tracers have is they start moving toward the place they’re about to Blink before they activate the ability. Because of this, if you see a Tracer moving right, and then disappearing, then it’ll be safe to assume that if you turn toward the direction she was moving quickly enough, you’ll be able to get some good hits in.

Health Pack Denial

The thing about Tracer is that she relies heavily on health packs to stay alive because of her low health. Therefore, trapping nearby health packs to ensure she isn’t able to recover quickly is a very viable strategy.

There are multiple ways you can booby trap a health pack. The easiest, however, is hacking it using Sombra. Alternatively, you could also use the abilities of heroes like Junkrat and Wrecking to disrupt her access to health packs.

Area Denial 

Finally, what makes a Tracer so difficult to counter? Her unpredictable movement pattern, of course. Therefore, what would a Tracer do if she didn’t have enough space to blink unpredictably, or if she wasn’t able to move at all? Well, that depends on how good the person trapping her is.

Tracer thrives in open spaces where she can easily dash in and out of combat. By utilizing heroes who can deny her mobility or trap her, you make it harder for her to engage or escape. Junkrat’s steel trap, Mei’s ice, Symmetrra’s turrets. There are so many abilities you can utilize to restrict Tracer’s movements, making it very easy to take her out.

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