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Top 10 Valorant Teams 2021


It's no secret that since Valorant launched, a lot of Professional and Semi-Professional players switched to Valorant, and that's why in this list you are going to see big names of former Counter-Strike players. In this list, and after a detailed research, we bring you the top 10 Valorant teams in the world. The teams will be listed in order, starting from top to bottom.

1. Sentinels

North America comes at the number one team in this list, the North American team achieved a stunning 98 wins with only 21 losses at the moment and them winning Masters 2 in Reykjavik makes their total winnings a whopping half a million USD dollars. After the addition of TenZ and Dapr, Sentinels is easily the best team in the world at the very moment.

2. Gambit Esports

Gambit is currently the second-best team in the world and the best team in the whole of CIS and Europe. They were able to prove themselves after the roster got signed in late September 2020, and have since won the region's VCT events a total of 3 times. Gambit was able to achieve winnings with a total of more than $345k in a very short period and they are not done yet.

3. Vision Strikers

Vision Strikers is the first professional South Korean team to ever enter Valorant, they are formed by a roster of former CS:GO players known as MVP PK. The former CS:GO team got disbanded as the talents made their switch to Valorant. The Korean stars are currently on the top teams in the world and they are very expected to achieve more than they have already achieved judging by their impressive 66W-3L record according to VLR.

4. Team Liquid

The European Organization decided to enter the Valorant professional scene by the decision of signing the stars - fish123, which gave them the opportunity to exceed their potentials that turned out to be a great decision for both parties.

5. Acend

Formerly it is Team Raise Your Edge, after picking up the roster in March 2021, they have been dominating the scene for quite a bit and have won numerous tournaments. Famously, they have added Masters Europe: 1 to their name after defeating Team Heretics.

6. Envy

Envy's Valorant roster is considered to be very solid and it is very interesting to watch them compete even though they aren't so consistent as Sentinels, they are still easily in the top 3 in the North America region.

7. Giants Gaming

Giants Gaming entered the Valorant in June 2020 and has since become one of the most successful Spanish organizations in Valorant, reaching top finishes in both local and European tournaments. However, they have had a lot of roster changes and we believe that they need some time with a stable roster to achieve higher rankings.

8. G2 Esports

They are one of the scariest teams to play against in an official match. The roster has proved that the decision of overhauling them was a right one and now they are one of the top rosters in the world.

9. Fnatic

Since the addition of Nikita "Derke" Sirmitev and Martin "MAGNUM" Penkov, fnatic has been having a blast. They were the team to fight against Sentinels in Masters 2, even though they weren't able to take them down, they have shown a stunning performance and a good fight, which shows their future potential.

10. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves have a stacked roster, they have a very strong mixture of young firepower and valuable experience. Most players in the roster have played Counter-Strike on a very high level nevertheless, they have switched to Valorant for a new legacy. 100T were able to qualify to Masters 3 and proceed to achieve 3rd/4th place, which is very magnificent.

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