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How to Wall Ride With Lucio in Overwatch 2


Perhaps the most mobile hero in all of Overwatch 2 is Lucio, who has the unique ability to wall ride and quickly move across the map. By taking advantage of this ability, Lucio players are able to evade enemy attacks all the while being able to stay alive long enough to heal or speed boost their teammates. However, learning how to do it is a little complicated.

We’ve come up with a little training plan you should go through if you want to learn how to properly wall ride with Lucio. It includes first practicing how to wall run on open walls while trying your best to stay on as long as possible. After that, you should move on to practicing on different surfaces, while also making it a habit to use Lucio’s other abilities while on a wall.

We’ll be going through all of these steps in depth to ensure you’re able to learn how to wall ride with Lucio like a professional.

Step #1: Learn the Basics

The first thing you need to do is to learn the basics of wall riding. This can very easily be done by simply jumping toward an empty wall and holding the jump button to make Lucio ride that specific wall. Keep practicing while trying to stay on the wall as long as possible to get a hang of the different controls.

When you’re certain you’re able to stay on the wall for a good amount of time, you can then start mixing in more things. By this, we mean jumping around from one wall to another and staying on that other wall as well as using wall riding to reach platforms and other places that would otherwise be unreachable by simply jumping.

These high platforms can then be used as vantage points by you to scope out the enemy or to flank the enemy when they least expect it. Unpredictableness is key when it comes to using Lucio.

Step #2: Wall Ride on Different Surfaces

Once you’ve got wall riding down perfectly on flat walls, you should move on to riding all sorts of different surfaces. If you don’t know, Lucio’s ability doesn’t just let him ride walls, but also other surfaces such as pillars and even the payload.

However, different surfaces require you to move your character in a different way if you want to stay on that surface. Because of this, you should practice on pretty much whatever surface you find to ensure you’re able to wall ride on them as naturally as walking on the ground. Or, well, skate as Lucio does.

Step #3: Combine Wall Riding With Different Abilities

It’s surprising how few Overwatch 2 players know that Lucio can also use all of his abilities freely while wall riding. Because of the insane potential this specific ability has, the next step to mastering Lucio’s wall riding ability is making it a habit to use Lucio’s abilities while wall riding, something that might be a little weird at first because you have to hold the jump button the whole time as well.

You can use your abilities while wall running to come up with some devastating combos. Perhaps the most useful ones include using his knockback ability while wall riding to knock an enemy hero out of the map, or using his ultimate while wall riding to give the team a speed boost while wall riding around the objective to ensure you don’t get taken out.

Step #4: Start Being Unpredictable

Now that you know every wall riding mechanic there is, the final thing you have to master is to be unpredictable while wall riding. You see, the biggest advantage of this ability is the fact that it allows you to defy gravity to avoid enemy attacks. However, if you move around on the wall in a predictable fashion, then the enemy will still end up taking you out, regardless of whether or not you’re wall running.

When wall riding, make it a habit to change your direction randomly to ensure the enemy isn’t able to predict your line of movement. Mix in jumping from one wall to another and randomly using your speed boost to throw the enemy players off guard as well, and you’ll find yourself staying alive for much longer, even when behind enemy lines.

You should also try to use the environment to your advantage to increase the unpredictableness of Lucio’s wall riding. If the enemy expects you to jump on a walk, then choose to go on a pillar instead. If you notice an opportunity to knock the enemy off stage by wall riding in a position that’s completely unexpected, then go for it.

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