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5 Best Glitches in League of Legends History


League of Legends is a fantastically polished game and Riot has made sure of that with all the patches and updates they come out with. However, even a giant company like Riot can miss some things, and they have in the past too, Hey, we aren’t complaining since that gave birth to some of the best and most iconic glitches in LoL history.

Naturally, League of Legends has been around for over 10 years so it’s only expected that it would have a bunch of glitches, Certainly more than we can go over in one article. However, the Baron Nashor Dance, teleporting ward, gravity-defying fiddlesticks, infinite gold, and teleporting Tahm Kench glitches stand out as the best.

So, if you’ve been wanting to take a trip down the glitch-filled history of League of Legends, then here are the 5 best glitches in LoL history.

The Infamous "Baron Nashor Dance

It was a pivotal moment in the match between Team SoloMid (TSM) and Lemondogs, two powerhouse teams determined to secure their place in the tournament. As the battle raged on, the players decided to engage the formidable Baron Nashor.

However, what transpired next was nothing short of astonishing. In a bizarre twist of fate, the Baron Nashor began to dance. Its massive form gyrated and swayed to an invisible rhythm as if possessed by a sudden burst of mirth. The glitch turned a serious and intense moment into a hilarious spectacle that left players and fans alike in stitches.

Players were momentarily taken aback by the absurdity of the situation, and even casters struggled to maintain their composure as they tried to make sense of the glitch. The dance continued for a brief but memorable period before the monster resumed its attack on the players.

This glitch not only showcased the inherent unpredictability of complex gaming systems but also highlighted the lighter side of competitive gaming. In a world where strategies and calculations reign supreme, the Baron Nashor Dance reminded everyone that at its core, gaming is a form of entertainment that can deliver moments of joy and laughter, even in the most intense and high-stakes scenarios.

The Curious Case of the Teleporting Ward

Warding is an essential tactical maneuver in League of Legends, enabling players to gain a valuable vision of the battlefield and make informed decisions. However, during the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational, a seemingly routine ward placement turned into a spectacle that left players and fans utterly bewildered.

The glitch occurred during a match between two well-known teams, SK Telecom T1 and Fnatic. As the game progressed and the tension escalated, an inconspicuous ward placed by Bora "Yellowstar" Kim, Fnatic's support player, decided to embark on a journey of its own. What should have been a stationary observer turned into a teleporting enigma, zipping across the map with incredible speed.

As the camera panned to capture the ward's unexpected exploits, the crowd erupted in laughter and confusion. Commentators struggled to maintain their composure as they attempted to make sense of the surreal situation unfolding on-screen. 

The ward's teleportation antics continued throughout the match, leading to moments of hilarity as it appeared in seemingly impossible locations.

The glitch highlighted the unpredictability of competitive gaming and the inherent potential for unexpected outcomes. While the glitch didn't significantly impact the outcome of the match, it added an extra layer of entertainment to an already intense contest. 

In the aftermath of the glitch, players, analysts, and fans engaged in spirited discussions, debating the possible causes and implications of the teleporting ward.

Neeko’s Laser Transformation

Neeko, the curious chameleon-like champion known for her shapeshifting abilities, had an unintended bug that allowed her to transform into a seemingly harmless but surprisingly deadly laser.

The glitch emerged when Neeko used her shapeshifting ability, which normally allows her to take on the appearance of an allied champion, such as a teammate. However, due to a coding oversight or a combination of factors, Neeko was able to transform into a laser beam instead.

When the glitch occurred, Neeko's model and appearance would transform into a laser beam, complete with vibrant and pulsating visual effects. While this was purely a visual bug and didn't impact her gameplay mechanics or abilities, it certainly caught the attention of players and the League of Legends community.

Players who encountered this glitch found it both bewildering and entertaining, as Neeko would glide around the map in laser form, defying the laws of physics and summoner's rift alike. 

The glitch generated a fair amount of buzz on social media platforms and gaming forums, with players sharing screenshots and videos of the laser Neeko phenomenon.

Unlimited Turret Glitch

Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, is a mage champion known for his unique mechanics centered around summoning and controlling Sand Soldiers. These soldiers could be used to attack enemies from a distance and control space in team fights. However, a glitch emerged that allowed Azir players to place an unlimited number of turrets, creating a chaotic and game-breaking scenario.

The glitch involved a sequence of actions that exploited the game's mechanics. By timing the placement of Sand Soldiers and turrets in a specific way, players could effectively bypass the intended limitations on the number of turrets Azir could have on the field. This resulted in a turret-spamming frenzy, where Azir could flood the map with turrets, overwhelming opponents and towers alike.

The unintended consequence of this glitch was an immense amount of zone control and damage output. Azir's turrets dealt significant damage and could quickly decimate enemy champions and structures. The glitch turned team fights and sieges into chaotic spectacles, where a sea of turrets covered the battlefield, making it extremely difficult for opponents to engage or defend effectively.

As with any game-breaking glitch, Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, took swift action to address the issue. Once the glitch was identified, the development team worked to release a patch that fixed the exploit and restored balance to the game. 

Players who had been using the glitch to gain an unfair advantage were subsequently penalized, reinforcing the importance of fair play and competitive integrity within the League of Legends community.

Poppy Pushing Baron Back

Poppy, a yordle hero known for her hammer-swinging prowess and a strong sense of justice, had a unique ability called "Heroic Charge." This ability allowed Poppy to target an enemy champion and dash towards them, knocking aside any other enemies in her path and stunning the target if they collided with terrain.

However, due to some quirky interactions with the game's coding, there was a time when Poppy's Heroic Charge could inadvertently influence the Baron Nashor, leading to some unintended and humorous consequences. 

When Poppy used Heroic Charge on the Baron, the pushback would cause the Baron to be pushed back. Using this, many Poppy players were able to push the Baron either to their own tower to get the Baron killed, or to the enemy tower to do some damage to it.

The glitch, while amusing, did not last long as Riot took it out as soon as it caught wind of it. However, it did result in some memorable and entertaining moments for players who encountered it. 

Videos and clips of Poppy sending the Baron on an unexpected journey through the rift became popular in the League of Legends community, often leading to a mix of confusion, laughter, and bewilderment.

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