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DPS Overwatch 2: DPS: What is DPS in Overwatch 2?

DPS stands for “Damage Per Second” and usually refers to the amount of damage dealt per second when talking about a specific ability, move, or status condition. However, in Overwatch 2 it’s a little bit different.

In Overwatch 2, DPS refers to heroes that specialize in dealing damage to the enemy. These types of heroes are supported by the healers and tanks in order to ensure they’re able to get as many eliminations as possible. Therefore, their abilities also typically do more damage than, say, a tank’s abilities would.

Although there are some DPS heroes that are offensive, there are also defensive ones that have the potential to deal high damage but are better suited as defensive heroes. Examples of such defensive champions include Mei and Torbjörn, both of which are better suited for area denial and map control.

Who Are DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2

There are various DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, and new ones are being added to the game constantly. Currently, all the DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 are:

  1. Tracer
  2. Widowmaker
  3. Genji
  4. Torbjörn
  5. Mei
  6. Soldier 76
  7. Ashe
  8. Reaper
  9. Echo
  10. Hanzo
  11. Symmetra
  12. Sojourn
  13. Sombra
  14. Cassidy
  15. Pharah
  16. Junkrat
  17. Bastion

As it is with every game that has multiple playable characters, which hero gets played mostly depends on the level of gameplay. For example, you won’t see Cassidy being used all that much in high level gameplay, but Widowmaker is a very common hero around that level. On the contrary, Widowmaker is barely played in low level games, while Cassidy is a prime pick.

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