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League of Legends: New Red Kayn Buffs Made Him Unkillable

League of Legends: New Red Kayn Buffs Made Him Unkillable

Red Kayn, the embodiment of darkin might, has received significant buffs that solidify his position as a formidable drain tank in League of Legends. These changes primarily focus on his passive and ultimate, specifically enhancing his healing capabilities and survivability.

Kayn's passive healing now scales with bonus health, granting him increased healing from tank items. Additionally, his ultimate heals for a larger percentage of the damage dealt, further bolstering his survivability. These changes grant Kayn exceptional sustain in mid to late game making him quite unkillable when ahead. 

Let's discuss these changes in detail and how they will impact the games of all the Kayn mains out there.

Enhanced Passive Healing

League of Legends: New Red Kayn Buffs Made Him Unkillable - Image 1

Previously, Red Kayn's passive granted him a flat 25% healing from all physical damage dealt through his attacks and abilities. However, the recent update introduces scaling based on his bonus health. This means the more tank-oriented items he builds, the more he heals.

Buffed Red Kayn Ultimate

League of Legends: New Red Kayn Buffs Made Him Unkillable - Image 2

The Rhast variant of Kayn's ult, Umbral Trespass, previously healed him for 65% of the pre-mitigated damage dealt. The rework elevates this value to 75%, further bolstering his survivability in the thick of battle.

Impact on Gameplay

These buffs mark a significant shift in the way Red Kayn is played. Previously overshadowed by the burst damage potential of Blue Kayn (assassin form), Red Kayn now offers a compelling alternative: a bruiser with exceptional sustain.

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Overall, the recent buffs to Red Kayn revitalize the form, offering players a viable and potent option in the jungle. With his enhanced healing and survivability, he can now effectively disrupt teamfights and function as a resilient frontline presence. 

What’s next?

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