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Top 5 Junglers That Can Solo Baron in LoL

Top 5 Junglers That Can Solo Baron in LoL

Baron Nashor, the fearsome objective and guardian of the Rift, holds immense power for any team that claims its life. But what if you, the lone jungler, could conquer this behemoth all by yourself? Well, with the right champion and build, it's not just a dream, it's a strategic reality.

The best champions to solo the Baron are those with high DPS, sustain, and some kind of resistance shred built into either their kit or acquired through items. Putting this criteria in perspective, we have finalized five champions that will get the job done. These are Master Yi, Warwick, Udyr, Nunu, and Briar. 

Mastering these champions or even the act of soloing Baron will not be as simple as it seems. For maximum results and to gather knowledge surrounding these objectives, we recommend you hire a professional coach from Eloking. Luckily, now you can even get a 20% discount if you use the code "BoostToday".

So without further delay, here are the five champions that are worthy of Soloing the Baron in Season 14.

1. Master Yi


A dynamic fantasy warrior engaged in an intense battle

Master Yi embodies the lone warrior fantasy, and nowhere is this more evident than his Baron-slaying potential. With his on-hit damage, sustain, and attack speed boosts, Yi shreds through the Baron like butter. Here's why he excels:


Build: Focus on attack speed (Rageblade, Kraken Slayer) and attack damage (Blade of the Ruined King) for maximum DPS. Consider lifesteal (Bloodthirster) or even a Guardian Angel which will seal your triumph over Baron. 

2. Warwick


Intense illustration of a fiery dragon emitting flames

Warwick is a high sustain bruiser, making him surprisingly resilient against Baron's damage. His healing and damage output makes him a formidable foe for the Rift guardian. His strong points against Baron include:


Build: Opt for tanky-bruiser items with sustain (Spirit Visage, Sundered Sky, Titanic Hydra) and damage (Blade of the Ruined King). Consider attack speed (Triforce) if your clear speed needs a boost.

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3. Udyr


Fantasy warrior battling a mystical ice dragon

Udyr is a versatile fighter with stances that offer sustain, damage, and crowd control. His flexibility makes him adaptable to various situations, including a solo Baron showdown. The following abilities shine the most in the undertaking of this task:


Build: Build a mix of tanky and damage items based on your needs. Spirit Visage is a must for healing, while Triforce offers significant damage and attack speed which is ideal for cycling through different forms.

4. Nunu & Willump


Fantasy character riding a magical fluffy creature through a starry winter landscape

Nunu stands out in this list as the only AP champion due to his massive Q healing. Combining his abilities with Willump's tankiness opens a window for him to solo Baron. While it is safer to go tank, you can even solo Baron with a full AP build as the healing from Q and Ult scale significantly with AP.


Build: You can either go a tanky build with Spirit Visage and Sunfire as core items, or you can go for a full AP build with items like Stormsurge, Rocketbelt, Malignance, and Shadowflame. A Deathcap can provide a huge AP boost for your Q heals and Ult output.

5. Briar


Fantasy character with glowing red eyes and armored throne

Briar is a relatively recent addition to the jungle roster, bringing unique mechanics and ferocious potential. While still going under frequent changes, here's how she has a high potential for soloing Baron:


Build: You should aim for more of a bruiser AD build with core items like Sundered Sky and Titanic Hydra, paired with Triforce for high DPS. You can also attempt baron with full damage items but it might be riskier to tread that path with the squishy nature of Briar.

Related: League of Legends: All New Baron Types and Changes.

Soloing Baron is a risky but rewarding maneuver that requires specific champions and builds. Master Yi, Warwick, Udyr, Nunu, and Briar have proven their capabilities in this regard, offering different approaches based on their unique strengths. 

It should be mentioned that these champions are not the only ones worthy of this feat, there can be many others that with the right build may succeed as well. Remember, even with the "right" champion, attempting a solo Baron requires careful planning, execution, and a bit of luck to pull off successfully.


What’s next?

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