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Ult: What is ult (short for ultimate) in League of Legends?

Every champion has multiple abilities you can use to your advantage to work towards victory for your team. The best and most powerful unique ability of a champion, which is widely considered to be the most character-defining and game-changing, however, is their ultimate ability, or ult.

Unlike the other abilities that can be unlocked from level one, the ult can only be unlocked when a player reaches level 6 and can be ranked up again at level 11 and level 16. As for how to use it, the conditions may differ, but the key assigned to ult usage is the R key.

Something that’s unique only to the ultimate ability is that teammates can see whether or not a player’s ult is available via a HUD indicator attached to the champion's portrait that can either be set to appear on top of the minimap or on the left of the screen. Black means the ability hasn’t been unlocked, grey means it’s on cooldown, and green means it’s ready to be cast.

Do all champions have ults?

Yes, all champions in League of Legends have an ultimate ability. Each champion has a unique ultimate ability that is specific to that champion, and the ability can be activated once the champion has reached level 6 and has enough resources (usually mana or energy) to use it. Ultimate abilities are an important part of a champion's kit and can be used to turn the tide of a battle if used wisely.

Which is the best ult?

It is difficult to say which ultimate ability is the "best" in League of Legends, as different ultimate abilities are effective in different situations. Some ultimate abilities are better for team fights, while others are better for picking off isolated enemies. Additionally, the effectiveness of an ultimate ability can also depend on the champion that is using it and how the ability is used in conjunction with the rest of the champion's abilities. Ultimately, the best ultimate ability is the one that is most effective for the situation at hand.

What types of ults are there?

There are many different types of ultimate abilities in League of Legends, and each one has its own unique effects and abilities. Some ultimate abilities are focused on dealing damage, while others are more utility-based and provide helpful abilities such as crowd control or defensive abilities. Some examples of different types of ultimate abilities include:

Can you get an ult before level 6?

No. In League of Legends, ultimate abilities are only available once a champion or hero has reached level 6. Before a champion reaches level 6, they do not have access to their ultimate ability and cannot use it. Once a champion reaches level 6, they gain access to their ultimate ability and can use it once they have enough resources (usually mana or energy) to do so. Ultimate abilities are powerful abilities, and having access to them at lower levels would make the game unbalanced. For this reason, ultimate abilities are only available once a champion has reached a high enough level.

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