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Ares vs Odin Valorant: Which One is Better?


The war of heavy machine guns vs light machine guns is one that has been ongoing since the beginning of time. However, we doubt any two weapons of these categories have been mentioned in the war as many times as the Ares and Odin have. The question, though, still remains. Which of the two is better?

The Ares is a light machine gun that has a slow reload speed. It also has a high rate of fire and relatively low recoil that allows players to hold angles more efficiently. On the contrary, the Odin is a heavy machine gun that also has a very slow reload speed. It also has a high rate of fire, high damage, and a large magazine capacity making it perfect for holding sites.

We’ll be going through the advantages and disadvantages of both the Ares as well as the Odin today. For recurring visitors to our website, think of it like how we compared the Bucky and Judge. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll be able to pick the weapon that suits you best.

What You Should Know About the Ares

First and foremost, let us go through the light machine gun, the Ares. While most wouldn’t expect it, this weapon actually has a really low reload speed, This means close-range combat can get dangerous and there’s always the potential of being caught by surprise when reloading. 

One thing about this weapon that can be considered a double edged sword is its high rate of fire. Although this makes it good for taking down enemies quickly, it also means that it gets tough to control it when firing it for long. Therefore, long range fights might get rather difficult with the Ares, even though the general recoil of it is relatively low.

There are a couple more general things to keep in mind before using the Ares in an actual Valorant match. Firstly, this weapon costs 1600 credits to purchase, which isn’t as much as some other weapons in the game. Additionally, this light machine gun has a magazine capacity of 50 rounds. Pair that with the Ares’ 10 rounds per second fire rate and this weapon can be fired constantly for around 5 seconds straight.

What You Should Know About the Odin

Up next is Odin, the heavy machine gun which stands opposite the light machine gun Ares we just discussed. As is to be expected from a weapon of this type, the Odin also has a very slow reload speed. Because of this, you always have to keep an eye out when reloading to ensure you don’t get caught by surprise.

The movement speed is also slow, so don’t expect to be roaming with it any time soon. Additionally, its high recoil can make it difficult to control, especially when firing for extended periods.

However, there are also various things the Odin excels at. For starters, it deals very high damage, allowing you to take enemies out quickly. Additionally, while reloading might take a while, the gun has a magazine capacity of 100 rounds. Keep the high rate of fire in mind and you might not need to reload as frequently as you might think.

Finally, the Odin also has a unique feature that not too many weapons have. We’re talking about the unique ability to shoot through walls and objects, making it an excellent choice for defending sites and holding angles. 

Which One is Better

Now that you know the general advantages and disadvantages of both the Ares and the Odin, which one is better? Well, it really depends on various features. For example, do you like holding angles or do you prefer roaming more? Since the Odin is a heavy machine gun and isn’t recommended for roaming, players that like roaming should definitely go for the Ares.

In general, the Ares is better as a support weapon to play while providing suppressing fire and moving around the map. Medium range angles can also be held with this weapon, though long range ones might be tricky. 

The Odin, meanwhile is highly recommended for holding angles, regardless of the range. Pair the high rate of fire, high damage, and insane penetration all together and you can get really creative with your angles when using the Odin.

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