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Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered)

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered)

If you're a beginner to League of Legends, chances are you have been overwhelmed by the amount of playable champions in the game. With the game currently having 167 different champions, choosing which one you want to go with can be a challenging task. Each champion offers something unique in ability and experience, and going through all of them just sounds like too much hard work. 

To help those who are starting off on their League of Legends journey and want to find the ideal Champion to use as training or those who just want to learn an easy champion, we have you covered. We'll be going through the ten easiest-to-play champions in Riot's MOBA starting from the hardest and ending with the easiest.

So, without further ado, here are 10 champions we think are the easiest to grasp and perfect for a beginner. If the champion you want to learn isn't on this list then fret not, as you can always hire a professional-level coach from Eloking to teach you whichever champion you want. If you want to save more then you can also use the code "BoostToday" for an excellent 20% discount.

Champions in League of Legends Explained

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 1

Before we go any further, it is important to familiarize ourselves with champions and explain some details regarding their classifications. This will make it easier to understand their roles later on. Champions are categorized into 5 main roles which include Top laneJungleMid Lanebottom Lane, and Support

Each champion has 4 unique, 3 basic, and 1 ultimate ability. These abilities define a champion's playstyle, including offensive, defensive, and utility. Champions utilize different resources and are classified in terms of rarity. 

The 10 easiest champions in League of Legends 

Let's take a look at 10 champions we think are the easiest to play with for beginners. 

10. Garen

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 2

Garen is a top-lane champion who uses melee attacks. He has a balanced kit comprising basic damaging abilities while offering a fair amount of defense. He also has passive regeneration, which allows him to regenerate while he isn't taking any damage. 

Garens' ultimate ability is Demacian Justice which deals a great amount of damage to the opponent, being a highly effective finisher. Overall, Garen is a fantastic champion to start with.

9. Annie 

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 3

Annie is a Top lane champion. She possesses a simple kit that focuses on dealing burst damage to the opponents. Annie is a mage, and her passive ability is pyromania. It allows her to stun her opponents after she has cast four abilities. 

Annie's Q ability 'Disintegrate' makes it easier for players to farm in the lane. Her abilities are easy to understand, and farming gold is particularly easy thanks to a low cooldown of her Q ability, which makes her ideal to start with.

8. Ashe 

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 4

Ashe is a bottom-lane - ADC. She is perfect for players who prefer long-range combat, as she is a skilled marksman with a kit that focuses on handy but effective attacks. Her passive ability Frost Shot makes it easy for players to stay out of range while attacking their opponents. 

She also provides a good initiating attack with her ultimate ability 'Enchanted Crystal Arrow.' Annie provides range and versatility, which makes her an ideal candidate for any player who prefers her style of combat. 

7. Soraka 

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 5

Soraka is a bottom-lane support champion. She is a healing support champion. she focuses on sustaining the health of her allies. Her Q ability grants her health as she deals damage to opponents. 

Her ultimate ability 'Wish' heals every allied champion on the map. She can provide beginners with a risk-free gameplay experience, and her ultimate ability helps make a huge impact in the game. All of these make Soraka a no-brainer for beginners. 

6. Warwick  

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 6

Warwick is a jungler whose main highlight is his simple mechanics. His passive ability is Eternal Hunger which heals him for a percentage of the damage dealt to opponents. His ultimate ability is Infinite Duress which locks down an enemy. 

Overall, his abilities provide sustenance, survival, and crowd control. His abilities make it easy for the player to engage in fights which earns him a spot on this list.  

5. Malphite 

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 7

Malphite is a top lane champion, who stands out due to his incredible durability. His targeted Q ability is Seismic Shard which not only damages the enemies but also slows them down. 

His ultimate ability Unstoppable Force covers a large area and damages enemies over a wider range. The absence of complex mechanics, coupled with great durability makes Malphite one of the easiest champions.

4. Amumu

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 8

Compared to Warwick, Amumu is a tanky jungler whose abilities focus on crowd control. His Q ability is bandage toss which allows for quick mobility, helping him to enter or escape a fight. 

He can also stun enemies within the radius of the effect of his ultimate ability called 'Curse of the Sad Mummy.' He allows players to create an impact on team fights, and a reduced risk of early death makes him an excellent beginner champion.  

3. Morgana 

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 9

Morgana can be both mid-lane as well as support. She specializes in defense, as her Black Shield ability can protect her and her allies from crowd control abilities. She can poke enemies from a distance, and use her long-range Dark Binding ability to root enemies hit. Morgana makes the laning phase easy for beginners and also provides protection.

2. Lux

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 10

Lux is a mage who provides long-range attack potential and crowd control. Her Q ability 'light binding' roots and damages the first two enemies it comes into contact with. Her ultimate ability Final Spark is excellent at dealing a great amount of damage to enemies in a line, making it easy for players to land skill shots and learn this fundamental mechanic in the game, making her an ideal champion for new players to gain practice.

1. Master Yi 

Top 10 easiest champions in League of Legends (answered) - Image 11

Finally, we conclude this list with Master Yi. He is a melee carrier who deals great damage and provides mobility. He can damage multiple enemies with his Q ability 'Alpha Strike.' He can increase his movement and attack speed with his ultimate ability 'Highlander,' while also gaining temporary immunity to crowd control effects. Being straightforward to use makes Master Yi the final inclusion in our list.

What’s next?

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